Consulting Room Assessment-Only Consultations (30 mins)

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Consulting room consultations have the advantage of being cheaper than house calls as there is no travelling fee. They are very good for clinic-based problems such as some forms of aggression and for fear-based behaviours.

They are also useful if a medical disorder is likely to be a component of the behavioural disorder.

Dr Cam consults at his air-conditioned rooms at “Camelot” at 437 Ford Road at Priestdale. (Be warned – this building resembles a castle).

Features of Clinic Assessments

  • If you are not sure of how serious your pet’s dilemma is, then an assessment consultation is a useful first step.
  • Assessments allow a problem to be reviewed and you then have the choice of booking the therapy portion of the service at later time.
  • Some simple problems can be fixed in thirty minutes
  • If space exists, a 30 minute assessment can be extend for additional time if you wish.
  • Assessment consultations are discounted for those on a limited budget.
However, assessment consultations don’t give much time to implement therapy.
If you are attending the Priestdale Consulting Rooms
  • Bring photos or a short video of your house and garden, from the front entrance to the back garden to all Dr Cam and staff to get a full appreciation of your and your pet’s lifestyle and the amenities your house provides for your pet’s behaviour therapy
  • Please bring your pet on a lead or in a carry cage.
  • Note that other pets may be present in the consulting rooms or on the property (including Zeus Dr Cam’s stallion) at the time so please be cautious on entry.
  • Parking is available on the street
  • The consulting room is on the ground floor of the left hand Turret  (The upper level contains offices and the Round Table Room)
  • The building allows for wheel chair access with a touch of difficulty (we will assist)

Consulting Room Hours

  • Generally Thursday through to Monday, thus including most Saturdays and Sundays

To get your consultation at the most economic rate:-

  1.  Take up membership first because full therapy consultations are at least 10% cheaper for members
  2. Then select your preferred booking from the listing below. Once you are logged-in as a member, the service will be shown at the reduced rate where applicable.