Solve your Pet’s Behavioural Problems Here

Pet Behaviour Solutions take just 3 Steps

 A Message from Dr Cam Day – Veterinary Behaviourist.

Firstly, thank you for reviewing this information.

We know that pet behaviour problems are distressing – for you and for your pet.

So, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your pet’s behavioural solutions with you to remedy that distress.

We are very-much aware that pet behaviour problems are a cause of pet relinquishment and that’s something we certainly want to avoid.

If you choose to let us help you, we will take three simple steps to deal with your pet’s behaviour.

Step 1 We will firstly assess your pet’s behaviour to determine the cause of the problems and how that relates to your lifestyle.

Step 2 Then we will help you to implement the solutions by focusing firstly on those issues identified in the assessment which that have the highest priority and especially those which affect your pet’s welfare and the welfare of your family. Outcome targets are set at this time.

Step 3 The last step is to ensure your pet’s behaviour reaching the outcome targets that are established in Step 2 and that is achieved with long-term follow up – part of which occurs along with your membership to PETHEALTH.COM.AU.