Vet’s Best Rewards x 3

Vet’s Best Rewards x 3

Vet’s Best Rewards – delicious 100% lamb liver treats. 3 x 120g packs for $23.22 (plus delivery) – save 10%! RRP $25.80.

$23.22 inc GST

Extra Information

Vet’s Best Rewards
Delicious 100% Lamb Liver Treats
Vets are often asked to recommend a healthy and wholesome treat that can be given to pets as a training air or reward for good behaviour.vbrandtreats

Knowing of nothing in the market place that met their high standards of health and nutrition a group of Australian Vets decided to create their own.

Vet’s Best Rewards uses only the best quality Australian lamb liver – sliced then oven-dried. It’s 100% natural and contains no additives or preservatives.

That’s why their recommendation of Vet’s Best Rewards is unconditionally guaranteed – or your money back.”

Nutrition and Vitamin information pet 10g serving – suggested serving size for a 10kg dog.

Energy Cal            47         Vitamin A iu             4.9
Energy KJ            197        Vitamin B1 mg         0.01
Protein g              5.3        Vitamin B2 mg         0.7
Fat total g            2.2        Vitamin B3 mg         2.9
Carbohydrate g   0.3        Vitamin B5 mg         2
Sodium mg         31.2       Vitamin B6 mg        0.03
Folate mg           16          Vitamin B12 mg       38

Ingredients and Guaranteed Analysis:

100% Australian Lamb Liver. No additives. No preservatives. Min crude protein 50%. Min crude fat 16%. Max crude fibre 0.5%. Max salt 0.6%. Max moisture 14%.


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