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COVID-Safe pet behaviour solutions with Dr Cam’s Tele Assist available now

With the need for social distancing, we are encouraging our clients with pet behaviour issues to ‘start by phone’.

Telephone assessments:

  • are low-cost
  • provide a quick start
  • are brilliantly effective
  • include a web-linked written report
  • COVID-19 safe

If a face-to-face consultation is needed:

  • That can be further organised at the time of the Telephone Assessment
  • Face-to-face consultations can still be done in our clinic or in your home
  • That’s when sensible strategies are invoked to comply with COVID-19 risks – current requirements limit that to only 2 people in the consultation
  • More details about Telephone Assessments are on this link
  • Read our COVID-19 Policy Here

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The worst-case behaviours of South East Queensland are sent to us by other Veterinarians and pet-care professionals.

Aggression is the commonest behaviour we deal with making up 48% of our case load. Separation-related behaviours are 28% of our cases and excess vocalisation and many other behaviours make up the rest.

Over 5,900 pet owners have consulted with us directly and an additional 11,300 have used our DIY system. We also help clinical veterinarians with their behaviour cases.

So, we know how to help your pet with his or her behavioural issues. You are not alone! Use our DIY system or book a consultation (the choice is yours).

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