Escaping dog solutions

This page solves escaping and roaming behaviours with dogs

This Pet Pick groups together some vital information about escaping dogs.

Does your dog have the wanderlust? Does it scale your fences like an athlete or burrow like a beaver? Then this information is for you.

Dogs escape because they are bored, anxious, fearful or even because they are in love!! But, either way, escaping behaviour is DANGEROUS.

Don’t risk your dog’s life. Read the information below but remember, you will need membership to get full access.

Escaping behaviour

how to solve the problem!

Dr Cams Pet Picks

When Dogs Roam

We ask much of our 21st century canines. We confine and constrict them to a minuscule morsel of mother earth in our back yards, thinking little of their yearning for the freedom of the open spaces that were once the provinces of their ancestors eons before…

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The Great Escape

Solutions for dogs that escape and roam.
Responsible dog owners would never allow their dogs to roam the street.
However, even the most pampered pooch can surprise its owner by escaping over and over…

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The Perfect Dog Fence

When dogs roam, bad things happen – in so many ways.
For instance, aggressive dogs should never be allowed to roam away from home.
For many good reasons, the Brisbane City Council along with many other local authorities…

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Curing Panicking Pets

Medications to Cure Problem Pet Behaviours, ‘Smart’ medications make the treatment of problem behaviours in pets easier and safer. Anxiety disorders in pets are far more common than many people recognise. Dogs which are sensitive to noises such as thunderstorms…

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Identifying a pet problem

Have you ever lost a pet? It’s a very empty feeling when you open the door to call your dog or cat to you and you get no response. Grizzly visions suddenly flash before you as you think of what could have happened. If your pet went missing how could you…

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Dog Noise Fear Solutions

Stops your dog’s thunder, lightning and fireworks phobias here. Noise fears can kill dogs. If you own a noise-fearful dog, then it is likely your dog is escaping, damaging itself, destroying your house and that it is tragically scared when the noises hit…

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No Bored Dogs

Unique creative techniques to Eliminate boredom in pets Is your dog bored during the day? With the shrinking back yard, our long working hours and life’s increasing frenetic pace, it’s sometimes difficult to for us to give our dogs the rich lifestyle that…

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Separation Anxiety

What is a Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety can be cured. A separation anxiety is a subset of the group of behaviours called anxieties where your dog exhibits signs of distress when separated from you. While there are many signs, a quick summary is…