Full-Therapy House Call

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Full-Therapy House Call

Full therapy south-east Queensland house call consultation

House calls are ideal for problems that occur when your pet is at home, such as separation anxieties and related behaviours, escaping, barking, and aggression to the family or to visitors.  Pre-pay for your house-call online for a 10% discount.  The fee is $782.93  if you pay online, ($869.93 if you pay on the day of service.)

Original price was: $869.93.Current price is: $782.93. inc GST

Full-therapy south-east Queensland house call consultations

House calls are ideal for problems that occur when your pet is at home, such as separation anxieties and related behaviours, escaping, barking, and aggression to the family or to visitors. Often, with these types of behaviours, the style and nature of your home will play a large part in the remedies for your pet’s behavioural problems.

House calls are usually the optimal service for behaviour management of pets because:

  • Pets are more likely to show the problem behaviours in the home environment
  • Viewing the home environment is important
  • Watching the pet interact with its owners in the home is important
  • Watching the pet reacting to local stimuli, such as visitors and pedestrians, enables Dr Cam to gain a better insight into many problems behaviours such as barking and aggression
  • Some pets don’t travel well (especially cats!!)
  • You may find a house call is more convenient as you don’t have to travel away from home with your pet in your car

If your pet’s problem is serious and worrisome, then a full-therapy house call consultation is the recommended service

Dr Cam conducts house calls on the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and other areas of South-east Queensland as needed. Additional travelling fees apply for these areas.

Benefits of a Full-Therapy House Call

  • The first step is an assessment of the problem (duration usually about 30 minutes).
  • Then the therapy follows and takes at least another 90 minutes.
  • A written report (‘Your Front Page to Petbehaviour’) is prepared on the spot so you have written confirmation of what you should be doing. This is like your own front page to Dr Cam’s website.
  • Dr Cam will record his words of advice and give you those ‘Sound Advice Audio Tracks’ after the consultation by web download. That means every word of his advice is trapped and nothing important falls between the floorboards. Most folk listen to those recordings in their car while they are driving.
  • Dr Cam has a 6-month view (minimum) with his behaviour cases. This means Dr Cam will check on your progress by email after 7 days, face-to-face in 21 days ( usually in-clinic, about 30 minutes reduced fees apply online) and by email at 2 months and again at 6 months. That is to ensure you get the best long-term cure.

Consultation hours are:-

  • Generally Fridays through to Mondays, thus including most Saturdays and Sundays

When is Dr Cam next available?

The following link gives a rough guide to Dr Cam’s current availability.

Click here to determine Dr Cam’s availability

If you have booked a house call:

  • Don’t tidy the house – Dr Cam is very comfortable with mess! (Happy pets live in cluttered houses!!!)
  • Please provide a table and power point so that Dr Cam can take notes on his laptop which he will also use to show techniques and instructional photographs and also so he can produce your‘Your Front Page to Petbehaviour’ report and your Sound Advice Audio Recordings
  • If your pet is aggressive, please restrain him or her until Dr Cam can see what’s happening – Dr Cam does bleed if bitten!

Terms and Conditions

  • The fee covers you for two hours of consultation time in your home and 50 kilometers of travel.
  • Any time after the two hours is time-charged at our normal rates (More details below, but two hours is normally sufficient).
  • Additional travelling fees usually apply where the journey is longer that 50 kilometers (25 km round trip). However, if your visit can be combined with others on the same journey, the travelling fee may be reduced.

Fees and Charges

  • The consultation is time-charged. A two-hour house-call consultation is $869.93
  • Prepay online and this fee will be reduced by 10% to $782.93
  • Prepaying for your service online will secure you the next available spot.
  • If you want additional time after the initial two hours, that is charged at $5.28/minute.

Recheck consultations

  • Any consultations after the initial consultation are called ‘recheck’ consultations
  • They are much shorter (often 30 minutes but you can have whatever time you need.)
  • The first recheck consultation, if needed, is generally 3 weeks after the first consultation.
  • Future recheck consultations may or may not be needed depending on the nature of your pet’s behavioural problem.
  • The rate for a recheck consultation is reduced by 10% online.
  • To save on travelling fees, recheck consultations are normally conducted in our rooms in Priestdale, Brisbane.
  • If you prefer the recheck is conducted in your home, travelling fees will apply.


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