Stop Dog Aggression!

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Dr Cam answers the question ‘How do I stop my dog biting?’

“Please – how do I stop my dog biting or being aggressive?” is the most common problem question asked of me.

Aggression in dogs is a worrisome problem but we deal with solutions to aggression behaviour daily.

In fact (up to August 2023) of the 14,939 worried pet owners who have contacted us about their dog’s behaviour, 6246 of them have been worried about aggression. That’s a lot of worried pet owners!

But what you need to know is that the word aggression means nothing. It’s the REASON for your dog’s behaviour which is important.

Determining the REASON for your dog’s aggression  is what I do daily with my clients.

When the REASON is known, the solutions become much more precise.

Luckily for you, that’s where this part of our web shines.

You can ‘do it on your own’ – by following the links below.

Or get help one-on-one from me by completing my behaviour assessment form.


To progress further, you need to ANSWER JUST ONE QUESTION:

What living creature is the target of my dog’s aggression?

And the answer will be one of the following so all you need to do is to click on the link below that fits your dog’s behaviour best : –

To get personal help from Dr Cam start here by completing his  behaviour assessment form

Information on aggressive dog solutions

What is your dog aggressive to?

To my family

Solving aggression dogs show to family members
When your dog attacks members of your family you need to take immediate action

To visitors to my home

Solving aggression dogs show to visitors
When your dog attacks visitors to your home you need to take immediate action

To people we meet while out (including aggression to vets)

Solving aggression to people you meet while walking
Dogs attacking people when on the street is risky and worrisome

To other dogs I own

Solving Aggression Between Dogs I Own
Dog to Dog Aggression is dangerous when it’s in your own home