Tele-Assist with Dr Cam (bonus screen-linking)

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Tele-Assist with Dr Cam (bonus screen-linking)

Get urgent, personal assistance from Dr Cam for the lowest fees possible with a 15 minute or longer Tele-Assist. $87.88 (Time-charged at $4.39/minute for any additional time.) COVID-19 safe!!!

$87.88 inc GST

Tele-Assist (with bonus screen-linking)

Get urgent advice from, Dr Cam here

(Includes your own ‘Your Front Page to Petbehaviour’)

COVID-19 safe

When tormented by the difficult behaviours of their pets, many carers don’t know where to start, where to look for good advice, what results to expect or even the questions they need to ask.

For such folk, Dr Cam’s live Tele-Assist service is the ideal first step AND A TELE-ASSIST IS COVID-19 SAFE.

Telephone Assessments via Tele-Assist are a minimum of fifteen minutes in length and you can choose more time (time-charged) if you want to. It is rare for a Tele-Assist to be less than 30 minutes in length.

For South-East Queensland pet owners, a Tele-Assist can be extended into a clinic or house call consultation if needed.

Telephone Assessments allow Dr Cam to analyse your pet’s problem and to rapidly create your own ‘Your Front Page to Petbehaviour’.  That report is emailed to you shortly after your Tele-Assist.

Now with screen-linking software – see your own ‘Front Page to Petbehaviour’ being created before your eyes from your own computer screen – that gives a visual component to the spoken advice!

The features of a Tele Assist:

  • Lowest cost service.
  • You receive your own ‘Your Front Page to Petbehaviour’ making navigation to the information you need fast and faultless.
  • Screen linking software means you can see Dr Cam create your written report and view instructional photos and videos as needed during the consultation.
  • Can be done in the convenience of your own home.
  • COVID-19 safe

When is Dr Cam next available?

The following link gives a rough guide to Dr Cam’s current availability.

Click here to determine Dr Cam’s availability

Terms and Conditions

  • The fee above covers you for 15 minutes of Tele-Assist time by phone.
  • Any time after that is time-charged at our normal phone rate of $4.39 per minute (our lowest rate). It is rare for a Tele-Assist to be less than 30 minutes.
  • Additional Tele-Assists can be done at a later time if you want to in which case, they are time-charged at the same low rate of $4.39 per minute (called a ‘follow-on’ service).
  • Dr Cam will ring you at the allocated time.
  • Free telephone back up is not provided with a Tele Assist service.