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Kat March 26, 2024

Dr Cam listened to my concerns and was very informative and patient in explaining my dogs behaviour and motivators. He provided an easy to follow plan that I could begin to implement immediately.

26th March 2024

Thanks Kat. Onwards and upwards!!

Sonia February 24, 2024

I really appreciate the specific advice Dr Cam provided for the issues we are having with our dog. It was very helpful and very thorough and I'm really hopeful that our dog's behaviour can be improved over time.

25th February 2024

Thanks Sonia.

Daniel November 21, 2023

Dr Cam is brilliant, and I am so happy we reached out for his help. He took his time to understand our concerns truly and was extremely thorough in his approach to uncovering the potential contributing factors for Lilly's behavioural issues. He took the time to build trust with Lilly, and we can already see progress. Thank you so much.

November 26th 2023

Thanks for that wonderful feedback and hugs to Mill Lilly.

Yvonne September 26, 2023

Dr Cam was absolutely excellent. Care and expertise very apparent. Warm, calm, strengths based approach with animals and owners was very appreciated!

September 27, 2023

Thanks Yvonne, Your dogs were wonderful.

Cat, Paul and Lynne September 25, 2023

Thank you Dr Cam for for your home visit for our dogs, Dr Cam is very experienced and compassionate in the way he manages behaviour. Also non-judgemental. The consultation was amazing and cannot believe how the dogs settled down with good results for you. I'm so amazed with what we learnt just have to really put everything in place. Thankyou Dr Cam

September 26, 2023

Thanks! You should do well. The Pooches responded nicely to the reward-based training. Onwards

Kirk September 6, 2023

Our session with Dr. Cam was a real revelation for both Luna and I. His knowledge, and understanding, of canine behavior, and the tactics he gave us to work with are already yielding real results. I can't recommend his services highly enough!

7th September 2023

Thanks Kirk. Hugs to Luna!

Stephanie September 5, 2023

Dr Cam went out of his way to help me as much as he could, which is very much appreciated. Scheduling an appointment was easy and Dr Cam responded very quickly with a confirmation of a booking. The website is well structured, simple and effecient in providing the required information, as well as allowing for payment in advance. The consultation itself was very thorough - Dr Cam gave a very detailed walkthrough of the process, answered any questions I had around the process (as a whole) and had the medication my dog needed on hand (very convenient). The 'Front Page' provided (summary of the consult and future plan/s) was also very detailed and clearly communicated. I look forward to working with him again soon.

September 6th 2023

Thanks Stephanie. I look forwards to working more with again, too.

Tiffany and Brad July 17, 2020

We found Cam to be very welcoming and his insight into Whiskeys behaviour and how to change it was excellent. He explained everything very clearly and methodically which was easy to understand and put into practice. We also appreciate that there is a written report and voice recording to help us remember and understand the training techniques. We left feeling that a huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders and happy in the knowledge that we have great tools to help Whiskey be the best version of herself. We cant thank Cam enough and will be recommending him to friends.

Thanks Tiffany and Brad. Keep on keeping on - you will do well with Whiskey.

Monique August 17, 2023

Dr Cam is very knowledgeable and was able to provide a plan of action from the first consultation that we have already seen some benefits from. He listened to our concerns and we didn't feel as though he was judging us to be bad dog parents or blaming us for their behaviour but focused on helping us correct it. We are very happy to have found Dr Cam and cannot recommend him enough (He is helping us with our dogs aggression)

August 17m 2023

Thanks Monique, that's appreciated. Blame?? Non needed! You did very well during the consultation as did your handsome Pooch. He was quite good and being a bit bad but very good at being a lot better!

Sharon July 19, 2023

Regarding Dr Cam Day It gives me great pleasure to give this testimony for Dr Cam Day. My experience regarding training an eleven-month-old toy poodle was doubtful. Dr Day helps build confidence because he has a calm approach, his ability with technology is so helpful, also, he has a comprehensive knowledge of the behaviours of dogs and their needs, which was important to me to understand and communicate with my pet. I would highly recommend Dr Cam Day to anyone seeking assistance in mutual communication and understanding your pet's needs. Kindest regards, Sharon Hayden-O’Bryan

20th July 2023

Thanks Sharon. That's much appreciated but you are the one who did all the work. Well done.

Morven June 6, 2023

Dr Cam has a great way of explaining the issues and management plan for your pet. He was able to make an assessment quickly and provide me with education, resources in a variety of formats and advice I could use straight away. He was just as approachable as I had imagined from reading the website which is a trove of free training tips. His writing style really conveys his warm personality and high level of skill. I look forward to continuing to work together on my puppy’s spinning problem

June 6 2023

Thanks Morven. Much appreciated.

Jayne M May 28, 2023

Dr Cam conducted a 1hr tele consultation and provided a follow up House Call Consultation that was extremely informative. I was able to start working the process of Circle of Rewards before our House Consultation and was able to start to get results immediately. Dr Cam helped us to understand our dogs behaviour and how to manage it. Dr Cam's manner is very calming and his style of explaining, demonstrating and then having us practice with the dogs was great. I am very appreciative of Dr Cam's assistance.

28th May 2023

Thanks for that feedback, Jayne, But it was you that did all the good and hard work!! Well done.

Vicki May 25, 2023

Dr cams help with my daschund was exactly what Maxy and I needed. Followed all tips and tricks given and slowly I have a beautiful dog who's full of mischief but is adorable at the same time Thank you Dr Cam From Maxy 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾and me 🙂

Thanks for that very welcome comment, Vicki.

Louise May 22, 2022

I am very happy with the meeting I had with Cam I thoroughly enjoyed everything he had to offer and show me for my anxious pup Patch thank you

May 22, 2022

Thanks Louise. Patch's behaviours were a bit complex so it was good working through the solution with you. Onwards and upwards!

Natalie May 17, 2022

Was great meeting Dr Cam, very happy with his assessment of our pup Loki and the behaviour advice given which we are to implement, looking forward to working with Loki alongside Dr Cam using his technique and advice. All that was discussed made sense to us, was explained clearly and we understood why our pup was resource guarding and reacting when in high arousal. I am feeling a lot more confident now and I am sure with Dr Cam we can help our boy learn to not need to guard or react. We love that it's all positive based and built on trust, which was very important to us.

May 17, 2022

Thanks Natalie. You and the family should do well with Loki. Looking fowards to our next meeting.

Eske May 16, 2022

Thanks Cam, for coming over and meet with Toby. We got some really good advice around building Toby's confidence to be home alone. We've already applied this and we're making excellent progress! No suggestions for improvement, Toby and I are very happy with your service! (Toby whispers in my ear that more liver treats would have been appreciated but I'm convinced that he had more than enough!) 🙂

May 17, .2022

Thanks Eske. That's good progress in a short time too. I have found more liver treats in the cupboard just for Toby.

Jayne April 9, 2022

I liked the practical advice that was given, and the fact that such advice catered to the individual dog, and was not a "one size fits all" approach. I appreciated the dog's perspective that was given and the clear explanations of why certain strategies work with dogs sometimes, and not other times. Seeing my dog respond positively gives me hope that maybe I can actually train her out of the current obsessive-compulsive behaviour.

April 9, 2022

Thanks Jayne. You should do well. I am looking fowards to our next meeting. Cam

Cheryl April 1, 2022

Dr Day is a very kind & straightforward man. After explaining our problem Dr Day gave advice, examples, training practice & reassurance. He also told us we'd receive an audio of recorded advice - very handy as i didn't want to miss anything! His instructions are down to earth - altogether very reassuring & so glad we went!

Thanks Cheryl!

Kathie February 12, 2022

It was all good, thank you. Your systematic way of working through the issues, keeping discussion focussed, using language that was easily understood and concluding with a practical plan for the short-term and longer term solutions was particularly appreciated. And your instant rapport with Annie was the icing on the cake! Thanks again Kathie

February 13 2022

Thanks Kathie. Annie's problems were quite complicated but you should do well with her. She was so cute!

Christine Dwyer December 10, 2021

Thank you Dr Cam! Even though you are very busy, you were able to fit us in quickly so that we could start working on helping our dog through this difficult time. Before our session, I can't tell you how worried and concerned I was about our dog's recent change in behaviour. After our session and armed with an action plan with valuable information and demonstrations of techniques, I had the confidence to tackle the issues and help our dog . You really listened and noted even the smallest detail to make your diagnosis. I believe our dog can sense a change from me and is feeling more like himself already. We started work on the action plan as soon as we finished our session with you. Thank you!!!

December 13, 2021

Thanks Christine. You should do well. I very much appreciate your kind comments

Melissa Pfitzner October 20, 2021

Dr Cam is amazing! The whole process was very insightful and he explained everything in ways that were easy to understand and methods to help with my situation were affordable and very easy to achieve. I will very much recommend any friends and family to Dr Cam if they have any problems with their pets.

October 21st 2021

Hello Melissa. Thanks for that great feedback.

Jeanne Pickers October 10, 2021

Thanks for coming to our home to help us with Alfie. We are finally beginning to know what is going on in his head and ways to handle him to the best of everyone’s advantage. Already he seems calmer and even more loving and I know we have a win win situation.

October 15th 2021

Thanks Jeanne. Win-win is what we wanted! Wonderful.

Norma Beaman October 9, 2021

Brilliant ! Friendly professional input, allowing the client to add to it too! Very thorough, love the humour. So reassuring to know how much you care Cam! Cannot recommend you highly enough, rest assurred I shall be passing your name on to family and friends.

October 13th 2021

Thanks Norma. I am blushing out loud!

Annabelle March 12, 2022

Cam was absolutely amazing with our very anxious cavoodle Sailor. She was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder and we now have steps in place for a calmer more at ease pet. Only a week has passed since cams visit and we have seen improvement! 100% recommend. Cam was wonderful and personable and we would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their furry friend.

3rd March 2022

And Sailor was so cute! Thanks Annabelle

Craig Sambell September 1, 2021

Dr Day has seen our 14 mth old Border Collie, Luna, for some hyperactivity and shadow chasing. Dr Day’s thorough observations of Luna and guidance has helped us improve Luna’s behaviour with some exercises. Dr Day provided a very informative report after the consultation with comments and treatments that have obviously come from his many years of experience.

June 7th 2021

Thanks for that feedback, Craig. Luna was a lovely dog and a bright Border Collie.

John and Sue June 5, 2021

Dear Cam many thanks for your time and knowledge conscerninig our Border Collie today.. Your insight, analysis and understanding of “ Collie “ gave me confidence to continue her training , modifying my approach and understanding of her stress reaction and other features of her behaviour . your ability to calm her in a short few minute was impressive. I left with a renewed confidence in our lovely dog’s future Kind regards John and Sue

Thanks John and Sue. Yes Collie was a lovely girl but you have also done so well with her care and training. The future is looking good. Cam

Sarah April 24, 2021

What an amazing experience. I feel so relieved to have my worries explained and a plan put in place for my beautiful boy. I look forward to having a happier and calmer dog thank for Dr Cam Day. It was so lovely to see him gain enough trust off Buster for him to approach Cam and place his paw and nose on him trying to get attention which has never happened before with anyone outside of our house. This is the start of a new beginning

April 25, 2021

Thanks Sarah. It was so good seeing Buster change from his worried and anxious state to the happy and content boy you wanted. And you did so well with him too. You should do well.

Declan April 15, 2021

Contacted Dr Day after our local vet highly recommended him and I can see why. We had problems with our cats being aggressive towards one another, unfortunately we went able to come to the best out come but sometimes that’s the way it is. However Dr Day was very helpful & reassuring that we had done everything we could’ve done to foster healthy interactions between our cats which is worth more than anything money can buy. Emily & I are very grateful for Dr Day’s time & advice & would definitely recommend him to others as well as would be happy to consult him again in the future if needed.

April 15, 2021

Thanks Declan. Yours was a very difficult problem but you were so good in putting your cat's needs before yours. Thanks for your compassion.

Tracey March 14, 2021

It was a pleasure meeting Dr Cam. His communication and instructions are clear and easy to follow. The report was detailed and Dr Cam took the time in answering questions to our concerns. I feel more confident in implementing the techniques for Koko under the guidance of Dr Cam. We highly recommend Dr Cam.

March 14, 2021

Thanks Tracey. And your Pooch was suffering an overdose of cuteness too!

Tayla March 16, 2021

Great to have a tele-assist chat with Dr. Cam. Much appreciated his ideas and recommendations for our dog Ada.

Kathleen March 3, 2021

We contacted Dr Cam as we were very concerned about aggressive behaviour exhibited by our dog towards our son. Dr Cam was very knowledgeable and provided us with explanations for this behaviour. He was able to prioritise which issues were the most important and gave us strategies and training techniques that were easy to implement. We are starting to see improvements in Alby's overall excitability and the interactions he has with our son.

March 3 2021

Thanks Kathleen. Your dogs were very good at 'learning to be good' and you were very good at 'teaching them to be good'. That's a great combo. The design and style of your home was also a vital part of the solution. Onwards and upwards!

Bree February 23, 2021

Thank you Dr Cam for your time and great advice about reducing fear and anxiety in our cat Blue. The training and tools you suggested were economical and have proved successful in distracting Blue during situations that would usually terrify him, such as having visitors in the house.

February 23, 2021

Thanks Bree. That's good to know. For us lowly humans to consider we can manipulate the mood of a far superior species such as a cat is presumptive indeed. But you have succeeded! Well done.

Meg December 15, 2020

Dr Cam has a wonderfully engaging manner with both humans and animals! He explained every process clearly, professionally and with a dash of good humour - a great combination when you are faced with a stressful situation with your pet/s. His use of stories further cements the processes he uses and he took the time to really drill the activities and behaviours that you want to see in your pet. I would highly recommend Dr Cam to anyone struggling with animal behaviour.

15th December 2020

Hello Meg and thanks for that feedback. Winston was a champion at learning to be a 'better version of himself'. Onwards and upwards with all you are dealing with.

Sarah Hamilton October 7, 2020

Dr Cam was very thorough with the information he provides. The recordings and extra links have been very helpful and I can see the start of my staffy's behaviour change, such a relief! My sunny girl absolutely loved him too!

14th October 2020

Thanks Sarah. Sunny was a wonderful dog and you should do well with her.

Gaynor and Jim October 4, 2020

Thanks Cam, Firstly for coming out to meet us and leaving us with solutions that even after a week are starting to work. We love our dogs and we were beginning to think that because of an aggressive nature the only solution was to re-home one of them or worse. We feel confident that the ideas you left us with will continue to help with their behaviour. Thank you, Gaynor and Jim

4th October 2020

Thanks Gaynor and Jim. You should do well with that pair of cute scallywags.

Cooper September 28, 2020

Dr Cam was everything I expected when I purchased his therapy. Straight to the point and provided excellent analogies and metaphors to perfectly describe how and why my dog was thinking and behaving. Dr Cam also provided detailed information relevant to my dog's behavior to help me understand his true nature. Overall, I'm happy with my first session/experience with Dr Cam and am confident he will guide me through my dog's difficulties.

1st October 2020

Thanks Cooper. You should do well with that cute Pooch.

Molly September 10, 2020

Dr Cam was amazing! I was at a bit of a loss at how to continue with my dogs learning and Dr Cam provided science based training exercises that Penny and I actually enjoy doing and I am already seeing improvements with. He communicated so well and made it fun for all of us as well as addressing all the issues that I was stressed about. I honestly don't think anything could be improved, it has helped us all so much!

Andrina July 7, 2020

Thank you Dr Cam for you time. We were so pleased to see how well Harry responded to you and the techniques you have shown us to improve his behavior. Your training was easy to follow as you offered relatable and often entertaining explanations of how and why. Your relaxed and encouraging approach has given us confidence in ourselves and also in Harry's ability. We are very pleased to have you on this journey with us.

Thanks Andrina. Harry is a great dog and you should do well.

Naomi June 24, 2020

Terrific house call to address aggression between my two cats and one not using the litter tray correctly. Cam was incredibly comprehensive and guided me through his expertise rather than dumping me with information and running away. I'll work with my lovely cats and watch the clear success on the back of what we've spoken about! Thank you so much Naomi

Kelli June 6, 2020

Most amazing consultation and kindness in a tricky situation. My daughters dog Gaston is troubled and we felt like we had no hope on the way to the appointment. Leaving after an emotional roller coaster of poor dog behaviour, we felt like we had options and something to try. I appreciate your honesty and knowledge.

Thanks Kelli. Much appreciated. Keep on keeping on.

Jessica May 26, 2020

Dr. Cam was great with my anxious and misbehaving staffies. So grateful to hear his knowledge surrounding the dog's behavior. His patience with me retelling and sorting through their history was fantastic. After one consultation I am already more confident at addressing their aggression towards each other. It is also amazing to have the recordings and reports from the session to replay and share with my partner who could not be at the appointment. So far so good, thank you again for your help.

May 26, 2020

Thanks Jessica. Much appreciated.

Jenny and Eric June 13, 2020

We had a tele assist session with Dr Cam in the hope of helping us with our 8 year old Pomeranian x King Charles who is a very anxious and nervous dog. It was a very relaxed yet informative call. Dr Cam gave us techniques to use and advice on how to deal with our dog's anxiety, house soiling and barking. We have seen positive changes in our dog since our tele assist call which was only 10 days ago. Thanks Dr Cam.

June 13, 2020

Thanks Jenny and Eric. It's pleasing to hear Bodie is doing well.