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Andrina just now

Thank you Dr Cam for you time. We were so pleased to see how well Harry responded to you and the techniques you have shown us to improve his behavior. Your training was easy to follow as you offered relatable and often entertaining explanations of how and why. Your relaxed and encouraging approach has given us confidence in ourselves and also in Harry's ability. We are very pleased to have you on this journey with us.

just now

Thanks Andrina. Harry is a great dog and you should do well.

Naomi just now

Terrific house call to address aggression between my two cats and one not using the litter tray correctly. Cam was incredibly comprehensive and guided me through his expertise rather than dumping me with information and running away. I'll work with my lovely cats and watch the clear success on the back of what we've spoken about! Thank you so much Naomi

Jessica just now

Dr. Cam was great with my anxious and misbehaving staffies. So grateful to hear his knowledge surrounding the dog's behavior. His patience with me retelling and sorting through their history was fantastic. After one consultation I am already more confident at addressing their aggression towards each other. It is also amazing to have the recordings and reports from the session to replay and share with my partner who could not be at the appointment. So far so good, thank you again for your help.

just now

Thanks Jessica. Much appreciated.

Kelli just now

Most amazing consultation and kindness in a tricky situation. My daughters dog Gaston is troubled and we felt like we had no hope on the way to the appointment. Leaving after an emotional roller coaster of poor dog behaviour, we felt like we had options and something to try. I appreciate your honesty and knowledge.

just now

Thanks Kelli. Much appreciated. Keep on keeping on.

Jenny and Eric just now

We had a tele assist session with Dr Cam in the hope of helping us with our 8 year old Pomeranian x King Charles who is a very anxious and nervous dog. It was a very relaxed yet informative call. Dr Cam gave us techniques to use and advice on how to deal with our dog's anxiety, house soiling and barking. We have seen positive changes in our dog since our tele assist call which was only 10 days ago. Thanks Dr Cam.

just now

Thanks Jenny and Eric. It's pleasing to hear Bodie is doing well.

Tiffany and Brad just now

We found Cam to be very welcoming and his insight into Whiskeys behaviour and how to change it was excellent. He explained everything very clearly and methodically which was easy to understand and put into practice. We also appreciate that there is a written report and voice recording to help us remember and understand the training techniques. We left feeling that a huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders and happy in the knowledge that we have great tools to help Whiskey be the best version of herself. We cant thank Cam enough and will be recommending him to friends.

just now

Thanks Tiffany and Brad. Keep on keeping on - you will do well with Whiskey.

Julie 1 month ago

Dr Cam, Thank you so much for sharing your insights and expertise with regards to our panic stricken staffy, Milly. Your positive advice and strategies have lifted the mood in our almost desperate household and we appreciated your calm and thoughtful problem-solving approach as well as all the knowledge you shared. We have a long way to go but are feeling much more positive now that you are walking with us as we try to find solutions. Thank you, we know we are in the best hands. The Zuinos

Sue and Bob 2 months ago

Hi Dr Cam. Many thanks for your visit and helpful advice yesterday on Maddie's aggression to visitors. We have started using a baby gate to separate the dogs from the front door and have given Maddie his first dose of medication - he's a little quieter than normal. We also started the circle of commands this morning in the dog park and at home. We no longer feel so helpless after your visit to deal with the problem. Kind regards Sue and Bob.

Sarah Hemming 2 months ago

Hello Dr Cam, Thank you for fitting us in quickly and seeing our dog Normus. In only 3 days I'm seeing improvements. He is focusing on me with his laser lock eyes and he is loving that I finally get it to continue to reward him with movement and squeaky toys. We arefocusing on his daily homework and the tip about the bungy cord and toy over the tree are a huge success. Everything was explained well and Im seeing a happier dog that is playing with a toy more so than looking for flies! Location was great, service great and we are looking forward to seeing where we can go in the revisit stage. Thank you Cam!

Jeffery Peterson 2 months ago

Hi Dr Day, Thank you for your prompt and friendly service. I appreciated the fact that you could fit me and Alfie in on such short notice. Thanks for your kindness and professionalism under trying circumstances. And thank you for the practical and well explained suggestions with a view to resolving Alfie's anxiety issues. Kind regards Jeff Petersen

Caroline and Peter 3 months ago

What I like about Cam is that he is extremely thorough and evidence-based in his approach. I'm sure there are other behavioural experts out there but they do not have Cam's advantage of being a behaviourist and a vet. This means that Cam was able to advise on behavioural supports, offer medication and most importantly, advise on which was the priority for our anxious GSD

3 months ago

Thanks Caroline. It was good to meet you and the dogs. I trust I did show my evidence-based bias towards GSDs!

Lois 4 months ago

Thank You Dr Cam and Wendy.. Taking your advice is working!.. I want my cat Chloe to toilet outside like she did in Melbourne..being enclosed in the yard of course.Her problem started after the big move to Brisbane. Dr Cam explaining her spraying and inappropriate voiding in the house as problems arising from 2 different sources! Now she has started to oblige!!..Many Many're brilliant!..(Hey..if I ever need a Shrink..would you be my human Shrink, too?..Lois Stratford.

4 months ago

Hi Lois. Good news with that wee problem! I don't think I will be a human shrink!! Pets keep me too busy but nice suggestion. Cam

Tiff and Rich Norris 4 months ago

We appreciated your frankness and honesty and belief that we were being given the tools and techniques to help our dog feel more at peace within himself. We have noticed a difference in Wes in a few days due to consistency, changes to the way we do things with Wes and confidence within ourselves. We are looking forward to seeing more changes over time with Wes. We love our little fella and are feeling happier that there have been a few changes where Wes is feeling more comfortable and settled within himself. Thank you again Dr Cam.

4 months ago

Thanks Tiff and Rich. Wonderful Wes will do well!

Kylie 4 months ago

We took our Great Dane cross to Dr Cam as she was displaying some anxious and aggressive behaviours. We had a full therapy clinic booking with Dr Cam and it was fantastic! Dr Cam went through all of our concerns with us, he showed us training exercises (circle of commands) that we could use to control her unwanted behaviours and worked through these with us. He was kind, caring and patient with our dog as she was nervous and he didn't push her too far. Dr Cam was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything to us in a way we would understand. He has given us so much helpful information and that combined with our PetHealth membership, we are more confident in training our dog and helping her become the relaxed puppy we know she is. We highly recommend Dr Cam to anyway who is having behavioural issues with their pets.

4 months ago

Thanks Kylie. You did well today but it's good she is a 'Great Dane Cross' and not a "Cross Great Dane". The difference is significant!! Cam

Gail Wenster 5 months ago

Dear Dr Cam Thank you so much for your help with my cat. Elizabeth. As you will remember she was a very nervous cat who hid constantly when I brought her home Due to your advice she is now a happily adjusted cat who no longer hides away and she is happy in my company To anyone who is considering consulting Dr Cam for behaviour problems with their pets, do not hesitate. His methods are straight forward, simple to implement and they work Sincerely Gail Webster

5 months ago

Thank you, Gail. You were dealing with a complex problem and I am so pleased Elizabeth is now a well-adjusted cat. Keep on keeping on. Cam

Carolyn Bird and Ray Spiteri 5 months ago

Hello Dr Cam, It was very inspiring to listen to your wealth of knowledge in dealing with Zeus and Titus, it was also fantastic to have your visit recorded on the USB stick for later use. Thank you, we will keep you posted on the progress of this huge barking problem with have. Kind regards Carolyn and Ray

Linda Ross 5 months ago

Hi Dr Cam, I can’t thank you enough for meeting with us. Not only did you help me understand the situation that occurred and provide great insight into the mind of a canine, but your training techniques have been amazing! Especially no more crazy, excited boy racing around my wooden floors like a lunatic when friends and family visit, the difference is unbelievable!! For anyone else reading this and considering booking in, just do it, you won’t be disappointed. Dr Cam genuinely cares about the dogs & it’s obvious he wants the best for them & their owners. Plus he’s a wealth of knowledge, I can’t recommend him enough.

5 months ago

Thanks Linda, that's much appreciated. However, it's you and your hard work that are the instuments of change. Good onya! Onwards and upwards!

Carolyn Bird and Ray Spiteri 6 months ago

Thank you Cam for visiting us at Hope Island, we thoroughly enjoyed your visit and found your calm, easy going manner a great start for our dogs. You were a wealth of information and advice on how to correct the behaviour of our naughty dogs who like to have their voices heard in spite of what the neighbours think. The presentation and follow up of the time you spent with us by means of the USB stick enables us to once again go through all the information you gave us on the day as though you were here with us. Zeus and Titus really enjoyed your company too. Thank you once again Cam. Carolyn and Ray

John and Jane Bradbury 6 months ago

Hi Cam, Thank you so much for your visit with Holly. Your kind, knowledgable and very professional help was invaluable. I really loved the clear and well explained processes, so completely set out in your website. I feel very well supported and am having a lot of fun retaining the recalcitrant pooch!! I would highly recommend your services and look forward to keeping you informed of progress. Cheers . John and Jane

Emily Robb 7 months ago

I was/ am very happy with the consultation and breaking down Tracker's anxiety levels and management strategies.

Josh and Leeroy 8 months ago

Thank you Dr Cam for your help and advice. The training, tips and strategies you introduced Leeroy and I to today are already showing positive results. With persistence, I'm certain Leeroy and I will nail everything you have taught us and be able to progressively manage situations. I appreciate your attention to detail and professional, friendly persona. Thanks heaps again. Talk soon.

8 months ago

Hi Josh. Thanks for that 'pat on the back' - I appreciate it. I am chewing my liver treat now!!! You did well with Leeroy today so I will be interested to see how you get on. Cam

Gali Webster 9 months ago

I received wonderful help from Dr Cam with the problem associated with my cat. The phone consult was the perfect solution as the cat is far too terrified to take to a face to face consult and I do not live on Brisbane anyway. Dr Cam immediately put forward a very easily understood plan and quickly followed it up with written instructions by email. I am to keep him informed of our progress and I have been made to feel very supported following my initial contact I could not recommend this practice more highly. I thought I had an insurmountable problem but now feel we are doing this together.

9 months ago

Thanks Gail. Onwards and upwards but above allbkeep purring. Cam

Jon and Ursula 11 months ago

Hi Dr. Cam. It was a great relief to have you come to our home and offer your valuable advice and support to our family. During your visit you immediately put us all at ease with your affable approach, not to mention your fearless bravery when dealing with a big grumpy Buddy. Already we are noticing the benefits of some of the simple training strategies that you informed us of and have made them part of our routine thus, enabling us to experience positive daily encounters with Buddy. We are committed to the process and feel comforted that we have your expertise and knowledge to rely on in times of challenge and difficulty. It is early days and the journey to effectively managing Buddy's difficult behaviours has onlly just begun but for the first time in a long time we are feeling hopeful and with your support we may be fortunate enough to have a positive outcome in this canine tail ??

11 months ago

Thanks for that great feedback Ursula. Yes he was a bit scary at first but then so much better at the end. The power of reward-based therapies yet again proven. Keep in touch. Cam

Linda Richards 11 months ago

Thank you Dr Cam for helping us with Wishbone. She is showing improvement everyday and its been a big relief and we will recommend you for future dogs in our care. Linda Richards Manager Best Friends Rescue

Judy and Alan 1 year ago

Thanks Dr Cam for coming so soon to help us deal with Wilson's problems. We were all very impressed by how quickly he responded. We are following your plan, but have quite a few questions. We and Wilson are all needing nana naps. Cheers, Alan and Judy

1 year ago

Thanks Judy and Alan. Wilson was a 'wascal' but he responded to so well to the reward-based techniques. Re your questions - you have free phone back-up with your membership so just ring when you are ready. Cam

Lesley Whyte 1 year ago

Thank you Dr Cam for your kind empathetic, non judgemental approach to the work you do. The service was excellent - from the initial online assessment and follow up calls from Wendy, to the eagerly anticipated clinic consultation. Like many of your clients I had read widely; watched numerous DVDs and attended training courses, all the while becoming more confused and frustrated as nothing really was effective. Your careful assessment and observation of Tunde, the simple strategies you demonstrated and the plan you formulated has renewed my confidence and determination to help this little girl to navigate her world. The 'circle of commands' is already having a beneficial effect - and only after a few days of practice. Tunde is so keen to do the exercises - there is no way I could avoid our twice daily session as she is right there watching and waiting for the fun to begin! I was seeking a capable professional with the skills and knowledge to provide us with an evidenced based approach that was readily implemented and would work. That is what I contracted to and it is certainly what I received. So thank you again Dr Cam. Lesley and Tunde (Fearful/anxious dog with strangers and children).

1 year ago

Thank you so much Lesley for those very kind words and compliments. However it's your patience and persistence with your cute Pooch that is now paying the dividends of your efforts. Keep on keeping on and please keep in touch. Cam

Cheryl Ahchee 1 year ago

Hi Cam thank you so much for yesterday I found it all totally engaging and so thrilled to see how quickly little steps can get us on a practical path to improving Miss Dolly's behaviour (and of course those of her mother)!! I think that the approach discussed was logical, gradually stepped and took a holistic perspective on the anxiety, digestive concerns and aggression with other dogs. I liked the way in which you have focused on where she is currently and prioritised the way forward. The leadership training is in full swing and we practiced it this morning and this afternoon, she really gets quite perky and clearly likes the game so will try to be diligent with the pattern. I can see that she needs to be challenged and finds it fun. Your recordings were a great help and it all made sense to me though so at this point I do not have any questions. The den idea is sensible and creating a comfortable environment that she feels safe in hopefully will work. Thank you again for helping to make her life happy and teach me some tricks along the way. Kindly Cheryl

1 year ago

Thanks Cheryl. She is a goregous girl and you should do well with her. The design and style of your home made the remedies easier to create. Onwards and upwards! Cam

Majella and Josh 1 year ago

Hi Dr Cam, Thank you so much for all your help with Saxon!! We were so worried that his sudden aggressive would not be able to be controlled! Its like you performed a miracle! Saxon is becoming more and more like his old self every day we do the training with him. We learned so much from you about resource guarding, aggression and most of all how to understand and help Saxon. We are singing your praises left, right and centre! Thank you so so much. We look forward to our checkup appointment and showing you Saxon's progress!! Majella and Josh

1 year ago

Hello Majella and Josh. Thanks for that very welcome feedback. I am so glad Saxon is turning the corner and 'heading in the right direction for your love and your affection' - he is such a handsome Big Boy and is certainly worth the effort your are putting into him. Keep in touch. Cam

Greg Thomas 1 year ago

In the two days since you examined Coco (Maltese cross) at our house for aggression and provided a plan to overcome it we have followed it exactly. The change in his behaviour has been miraculous in this short time. My wife previously avoided him in case he bit her when he was lying on the lounge. Coco had bitten her twice when she touched him on the lounge. He would refuse to get off the lounge. He is now responsive to commands to get off the lounge with rewards for acting properly. Penny's fear has subsided and last night Coco slept on her lap on the lounge and she could pat him without any sign of aggression from Coco. Coco looks forward to his twice daily reward training and is eager to please. The constant barking behaviour in our other dog, Oscar, has also subsided with reward training. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you very much Cam and we are looking forward to catching up with the reviews of Coco's behaviour. Life is far more pleasant without the thought that Coco might have had to be put down if he continued his aggression. Now he is like a puppy again. We are so grateful. Greg and Penny

1 year ago

Thanks Greg and Penny. You need to take the credit! You both did so well during the session and for you to change a worrisome and dangerous behaviour in 2 days shows you are Dog Gods!!! Cam

Ian And Chrissy 1 year ago

We had been referred to Dr Cam by another vet to address the aggressive behaviour that our dog was suddenly presenting. We were impressed with the prompt response from Dr Cam in arranging a home consultation. This proved to be extremely valuable, as Dr Cam could observe our dog's behaviour in her home environment. He listened to our concerns regarding this quite distressing situation, then demonstrated a number of techniques to address the issue, which we have been practising with some success. He was able to provide valuable insight into her behaviour. We really appreciate the Mp3 files of his summaries to which we can refer whenever we need to. We now feel we have a clear path to overcoming these issues. We highly recommend Dr Cam to any dog owners concerned about their dogs' negative behaviours.

1 year ago

Thanks Chrissy. Youy have two very cute shaggy dog stories there!!! And they are only a 'little bit naughty' so I am sure they are still on Santa's list that he is 'checking twice'. Cheers Cam

Donna Wilson 1 year ago

Hi Dr Day, Both Scott & myself are feeling very positive after our session with you today & are already seeing a huge improvement in Pete's behaviour & how we will be managing it. Thank you so much! Donna & Scott

1 year ago

Hi Scott and Donna. Pete did so well today, as did both of you. He is a handsome boy and responded to well to the Sit-A-Lot routine. Well done!! Upwards and onward. Cam

Helen 1 year ago

Hi Dr Cam, thanks for your time and considered approach to my Staffy's tricky problem. I appreciated your knowledge of various medications and other strategies which will hopefully assist with his current issues. I am grateful for the ongoing support which your service provides. The recorded session is most useful as I could not have possibly remembered all the information offered. The report is useful and website links provide a wealth of information. I appreciate the support you provide. Thanks again.

1 year ago

Thanks Helen. Yes a complex problem with a gorgeous Staffie!!. Keep in touch as there's lots to do yet. Dr Cam

Cheryl, Gail and Tilly 1 year ago

Hi Dr Cam All emails received and we have gone over the report and various links. We have accessed the recordings which are sometimes clear and sometimes muffled but we have plenty of reinforcement thank you. We are continuing to do well with the Chain of Commands with our repetitions and also occasional ghost barking scenarios. Tilly is responding quite well but can be a little stubborn sometimes on the SIT. When tired she simply drops, so we take a break. Thank you again for the training (all three of us). We are quite confident we have a very workable system going for us now. Tilly just went out to bark and Cheryl called her in with LEAVE and COME and she came quickly and managed to SIT on command. It seems we are all following the routine quite well. Many thanks.

1 year ago

Thanks Cheryl and Gail. You should do well with Miss Tilly. A bright little pooch and just a little bit loved! Dr Cam

Sherilene Blackburn 1 year ago

Hi Dr Cam I can't thank you enough for taking the time to see Shonti on 29/07/16 as things where looking grim for Shonti before our visit. My family and I can't believe how quick she stopped her tail chasing just after 3 days of being on medication. Compared to 2 weeks of her continuously spinning which was horrible to witness. Even our vet was shocked at the massive change in her . We can safely say she is back to her old self. I was very impressed on how quickly I received her health report and really appreciated that you took the time to call our vet on same day to inform them of what we are doing for Shonti. As for her sitting and seeking being the stubborn bull terrier that she is , she will do it when she feels like it but has no problem with seeking the reward , but with practice she will get there. Once again thank your advice and resources have been invaluable. Look forward to keeping you informed on her progress. Kind regards Sherilene

1 year ago

Hello Sheriline. Thanks indeed for the update. I must say I am thrilled at her progress. It certainly was a sad situation for her and I am so happy you went to the effort of seeking a solution. We will now look to the medium and then then the long-term resolution of her spinning. Cheers and thanks again. Cam

Jan roz 1 year ago

Thanks Dr Cam for your advice re Maloos and her refusing to use the cat litter. She has now made a choice! So that is progress. And suggestions re play toys were great, too. Thanks, Jan

Georgia Arthy 1 year ago

I am very happy with value for money.Professional,thorough,very user friendly presentation,follow up support,intense care and consideration in diagnosis and behaviour management plan and crafted for the individual dog and owner.Life enriching for both the pet and it's human family.

1 year ago

Hello Georgie. Thanks for those kind words. You should do well with Mr Beans and say hello to Zeus for me! Cam

Sue 1 year ago

Thank you for your time and very apt advice regarding our "prince" Harry. Your advice will assist me to streamline and improve on the measures already in place. I just know that in one week the 'out side walkies' will be a more enjoyable experience for Harry and me.

Chikako 1 year ago

Hello Dr Cam, Thank you very much for your precious advice, and also for understanding our circumstances. I can't believe one telephone consultation changed my attitude to being now a positive one towards my dog. Now I am confident of taking one step forward with you. You make me believe myself that my dog and I can fix the problem. I am looking forward to talking to you again. Thank you again from Chikako and my lovable little barking monster.

1 year ago

Thank you Chikako - you should do well with your 'lovable little barking monster' - he's not really that bad but I love the fact that you love the little scallywag so much. Cam

Kylie 1 year ago

Hi Dr Cam, Thank you so much for visiting Locky yesterday. Poor Locky is a very special dog to me, but has pretty severe behaviour problems. You came along ready for the challenge, and showed care, compassion and remarkable expertise to formulate a plan to get Locky back on track. The situation doesn't seem hopeless anymore. Also, I really appreciate the extra information given in conjunction with the consult. If I need to have a deeper level of understanding on a topic, I can just go back to those articles, ebooks or website to learn more. Thanks again, I will let you know how he is going. Kind Regards, Kylie

Carolyn 1 year ago

Thanks Dr Cam for the informative tele-consult this morning. I found it very helpful, with very practical advice (including some great budget DIY solutions that I wish I'd done earlier rather than spend a fortune on commercial options). It was reassuring and helped me feel like there is an end in sight to my cat's soiling habits. Frustration was getting me down and the problem was exhausting me, but your talk and report have helped me feel like I have the tools to move forward and systematically sort through the likely causes. Following your notes via the screen linkup was really helpful for me (I'm a visual learner) to absorb a lot of content. And, again, it helped me feel like there was a simple structure to follow rather than be overwhelmed with all the info. I will keep you posted on his progress! Thanks again! Carolyn

Lisa 1 year ago

Hi Cam thank you for coming out to my house on Wednesday to meet Dudley. The best thing you did for me was to give me hope that this aggressive food obsessed cat, with effort, can get back to being the good natured pet he previously was. I thought he was beyond help but you have provided a number of options to help. I thought your report was very detailed and will be useful in his transformation process. Regards, Lisa

Charles and Gail 1 year ago

Dr Cam, we found your services online after recommendations by our vets, past and present. Your visit yesterday gave us the hope that there are still options available to help our girl with all her fear and anxiety issues. It is early days for us but I'm confident that we will learn invaluable lessons about shaping good canine behaviours in all the pets we own now and in the future. Your experience and expertise with canines is clearly evident. To complement your face to face services I would like to see your Pet Health website be more user friendly. Thanks for your time yesterday and for your gentle approach with both our much loved furbabies. You have given us hope that things can get better with commitment and perseverence. We'll be back in touch soon. Kindest regards... Charles & Gail

1 year ago

Thanks indeed Gail and Charles. You should do well with your fur babies. Keep in touch. Re the Web we will chewing on that like a dog with a big bone. Cam

Carmen Arenas 1 year ago

Contacting Dr Cam,he was prompt and efficient in visiting our home to deal with my cat,he was able to come on the day I phoned. He gave me some great idea's and solutions in understanding the behaviour patterns. Great sense of humour and put me at ease. Felt very comfortable with the plan that he gave to me to implement. Thanks Dr Cam

Liz Lawler 2 years ago

Hello Cam. We really enjoyed your recent visit - thank you for your advice. I thought the service that you provided was prompt, practical and relevant to our particular household and pet's needs. We have a long and daunting road in front of us before we achieve our goals, but it's great to know that we can contact you again for regular advice. Many thanks. Liz. (ghost barking, shadow chasing border collie)

Robyne 2 years ago

Thank you to Dr Cam and support staff for his valuable advice, empathy to our issue, separation anxiety, and the steps to eleviate this complex issue. The site has straight forward information to DIY and options for various levels of assistance and the choice of products to distract and entertain our pets.Support is only a phone call away which is such a relief. Thanks again.

Marnie Bertoli 2 years ago

Dear Dr Cam, Just a quick note to thank you for taking the time to work with my little Jack Russell Pup Georgia and me. When we met you Georgia had just had an eye surgery to remove a ruptured lens and she was a very scared and anxious little girl. I just knew that deep down she was the sweetest little dog, despite her aggressive front, and you helped reassure me of this. So, after lots of 'come, touch, sit and seek' and of course lots of positive encouragement and praise - we have a very loyal, loving, smart and outgoing little dog. Georgia loves her beach walks and adores her big fur sister Bella and she even still loves the cat (despite him nearly scratching her eye out) and most importantly we love her to bits and couldn't imagine not having her in the family. THANK YOU!! Marnie Bertoli

Joanne Winter 2 years ago

I was very impressed by Dr. Cam Day's professionalism and caring nature, and his great sense of humour. I am positive the strategies, Dr. Day taught me, will eventually bring peace and calmness to my beloved friend, Ziggy, during a thunder storm. Stay tuned....

2 years ago

Thanks Joanne. Ziggy was so good during the consultation. And a little bit handsome as well. Cam

Jacqui Stubbs 2 years ago

Great having you visit Rio and the rest of us at our house last week - we new feel more confident with Rio and how to work with him on some of his behaviours - he is doing well - and your concepts and suggestions for improvement were most worthwhile.

Jean 2 years ago

Thanks for today, Cam. You put a lot of ideas into perspective. So many people tell you different things it's good to have a clear concise and manageable plan thank you

2 years ago

Thanks Jean. Much appreciated and you should do well with Alf. Cam

Christine Chay 2 years ago

Excellent ! I found our conversation very relaxed and friendly. I have commenced reading the summary of that conversation and that too is very succinct and imformative . I intend to start the excerises/ training this afternoon . Thank you Dr Cam I'm looking forward to my niece and her family visiting us now instead of being worried that Buddy will be a concern

2 years ago

Thanks Chris, It's obvious you love Buddy to bits! He should do well, little Scallywag! Cam

Sabrina 2 years ago

Thank you for your visit today. We are very grateful to have some direction now and we are hoping things will work out well for Teddy. As for your service, you are an excellent communicator and the 'package' of advice you deliver is first class.

Susi 2 years ago

Thanks Dr Cam. I had an amazing hour this after feeling at the end of my tether after trying everything I could with my lovely boy. Having a plan to deal with the problem is wonderful as is having homework (the Circle of Commands) and small goals to work towards. Having hope things will change is wonderful. Thank you. Susi.

Judy Langley 2 years ago

have had previous positive results from Cam many years ago with an aggression issue with my Cocker Spaniel so have headed here again to hopefully get some help with anxiety issues with my Miniature Schnauzer, Mia. Thanks Cam I feel a lot more optimistic after our session today. Now have a clear and concise plan to start helping Mia concur this problem.

Sue Horn 2 years ago

Thank you so much for your very helpful advice about cat aggression. Your approach is very organized and easy to follow. I felt very relieved about our cats behavior after consulting with you

Veronica Jusdson/Max 2 years ago

Thankyou Dr Cam for your help with Max, Your advice was extremely helpful and Instructions were very clear, I look forward to Keep working with you to get our original Max Back. You continuing follow up emails also Make me feel that you care about how we are Going and that is a great comfort

Helen Humphreys 3 years ago

I would like to say that I loved Dr Cams email on "Brain Games for Smart Puppies". It was worded such that it made me laugh out loud, especially at the end. I haven't tried it yet but I probably will at some stage. Dr Cam is so funny!!

Kerry 3 years ago

Dear Dr Cam Thank you for your assessment of our girls, Lucinda and Isabella. I'm so happy to say we have had our first night without fights after implementing your suggestion. Also, the feliway defuser seems to be working a treat - Lucinda appears to be less agitated when Isabella is around and has only hissed once! We thank you for taking the time to visit us and share with us your knowledge and expertise. Best wishes Kerry and James

Maddy Piper 3 years ago

Hi Cam, Thank you very much for helping both Piper and myself. I am feeling much more confident in her progress with her anxiety issues and our training techniques to help with our progression. I am glad I came straight to you for help, it was absolutely well worth it. Thank you again for your time and guidance and I look forward to checking in with you soon. Kind Regards, Maddy & Piper.

Liana and Greg 3 years ago

Dear Dr Cam Thanks so much for your help with Connor. We are extremely grateful for the wealth of invaluable professional advice and resources you have given us and the care and concern you have shown us has been second to none. When we came to you we had believed ourselves to be in a very dire position regarding Conor's future, given the scary behaviour we had just witnessed from him. Looking at him now, we can hardly believe that we had once been at such a dark point. You gave us the belief that positive change could happen and the strategies to ensure it would happen. With your support we have had our trust in him and confidence in ourselves restored - effectively you have given us back our boy. Our appreciation for that is immeasurable. Kindest regards & best wishes for a truly splendid and sucessful 2015, Liana & Greg

Lynne Johnston 3 years ago

Hi Dr. Cam Updating the progress of Amos. Improvement everywhere. The divide fence hasn't gone up yet as there is other work happening,but overall his barking and fence rushing has improved so much. He knows the rewards are waiting for good behaviour and should he slip up he doesn't get any only stern reprimand. Overall he has shown another side of his good qualities and more loving than before. Ray has been a great help (surprise) so the load has been reduced. There's something about the deeper voice of the male gender which Amos relates to and of course he wants to please

Jeannie 3 years ago

Hi Dr Cam Thanks so much for your help regarding Barney and Tess. I am in the process of reading all the information you have provided and will get started very soon putting it into practice. I am sure the dogs will enjoy the training sessions. Was very helpfull being able to speak with you and at the same time see your notes and pictures on my computer. Thanks also, for learning all this stuff, so that you can pass it on and help others. Regards Jeannie

Lynne Johnston 3 years ago

Hi Dr. Cam. Re our phone assist, I found it most informative and I really can't think of any improvement at this time. I am looking forward to starting the regime with Amos and have dropped the hint about sectioning off the outside to eliminate the fence problem. Just have to wait for the seed to germinate but I know it will work out. I know the Kids are smart just have to be more conscious of my actions and keep at it

3 years ago

Thanks Lynne. The 'midway' fence is often useful for fence-running dogs and makes it easier for you to decide when you want to be a 'dog trainer' and when you would rather not be! Thanks. Cam

Allison and Allan 3 years ago

Hi Dr Cam, thanks for your seeing us today. We really appreciated your good advice and are looking forward to putting it into practice. It was also amazing to see Petal accept a pat from someone she didn't even know and even better to see her tail wagging! Allan & I thought the use of the whiteboard to explain our session and break things down plus the follow up email with links and detailed information relating to our dogs behaviour has opened up new doors for us on how we can move forward with making Petal & Monkey less anxious. They also slept in the car all the way home, not a peep out of either one of them. Must of been something in the dog water? lol.... Looking forward to seeing you again in 2-3 weeks time. Thanks again to Wendy & Cassie who have been really helpful over the phones.

3 years ago

Thanks for that Allison and Allan. That's much appreciated! You should do well with the dogs and they are delightful. Looking forward to our next meeting. Dr Cam

Allison and Allan 3 years ago

Hi Dr Cam, thanks for your seeing us today. We really appreciated your good advice and are looking forward to putting it into practice. It was also amazing to see Petal accept a pat from someone she didn't even know and even better to see her tail wagging! Allan & I thought the use of the whiteboard to explain our session and break things down plus the follow up email with links and detailed information relating to our dogs behaviour has opened up new doors for us on how we can move forward with making Petal & Monkey less anxious. They also slept in the car all the way home, not a peep out of either one of them. Must of been something in the dog water? lol.... Looking forward to seeing you again in 2-3 weeks time. Thanks again to Wendy & Cassie who have been really helpful over the phones.

3 years ago

Thanks for that Allison and Allan. That's much appreciated! You should do well with the dogs and they are delightful. Looking forward to our next meeting. Dr Cam

Helen Humphreys 3 years ago

Hi Cam. Thanks for yesterday. I found it very useful. I am having some success with the Come Look Leave and the Come Look Seek commands but not so much success with the fence running. She has only misbehaved once at the fence since you were here and it was a dismal failure as I had to grab her and take her inside. I have been keeping her inside and she has spent most of the time sleeping. Also no aggression toward Kimi so not much chance to try the commands on her. See you in three weeks.

3 years ago

Thanks for that, Helen. It's still early days with the fence running - use distance to help with the solution - it's likely you are too close to the fence for this early period of training. It will take a while for that to gather momentum. Reviewing in 3 weeks will be good! Cam

Gavin and Jenny Jones 3 years ago

Hi Dr Cam, Thank you so much for the session we had with you at our home yesterday with Archie, Zoe, & of course Jess. Although we don't have all of the ideas you gave us set up yet, we think they were all the calmer for your visit. We have collected the milk bottles & we will use the spray today when we have to go out for a while. The word "quiet" used firmly has worked several times now so we consider this is a" Start". The report came overnight! great service. We are talking over the info you gave us,Lots!! The service that you provide is excellent. We are looking forward to getting our routines set up using your great information. Kind regards Jenny & Gavin.

3 years ago

Thanks Jenny. You are certainly dedicated to a cure and should have no trouble. Remember if you use the word 'QUIET" you need to then reward the silence that you created - but after a minimum of 5 seconds and even better still if you get that 'laser lock'. Onwards!! Cam

Robyn Grieve 3 years ago

Dr Cam, Thank you it is such a pleasure visiting your rooms. The biggest thing that I have taken away is; to be more observant. I observed you watching Basil constantly . I observed that the two of you were communicating and I am keen to now listen to what Basil is trying to tell me. On the way home I thought more about what triggered his self harm and I think neighbour cats, back at the beach house may have been it. I will investigate some of those wonderful fence tools you have bought my attention to and look forward to; one day Basil being a problem free cool cat..!! Thank You for your expert advise and assistance, Pete would be pleased..!!

3 years ago

Thanks Robyn. It's good fun observing cats at 'wherever you go a cat is watching' which means cats are better observing us that we are observing them. Yes, Basil is a special cat in your life and maybe Basil will be less 'fawlty' as time goes on. Cheers Cam

Jennifer Maguire 3 years ago

I had great consultation with Dr Cam yesterday. I have taken a lot of information and will put all into practise and hopefully everything will work well, if what we done in consultation is anything to go on I expect great results. Consultation was pet and owner friendly and have already recommended Dr Cam to a lady that I was talking to that has 3 jack Russell's that have same problem.

3 years ago

Thanks for your feedback, Jennifer. Your Jacky was as cute as can be and was very good at being very good!!! Cheers and thanks. Cam

Nicole, Brendan, Henery and Debbie 3 years ago

Hello Dr Cam. Firstly thank you for listening to our problems today and talking through an effective way (we are certainly hoping) to resolve these issues with Sam, Kara & Layla. It was so much nicer to have things explained properly than second hand "guesses" our vet provided. I'd love to specifically thank you for your professionalism and approachable personality together with the lovely lady you have manning your phones. I wish we could have met you in person but being so far away it was great to have the teleconference option and the ability to log-in to the screen sharing as well. We hold much more hope that we will be able to resolve our aggression issues between our old boy and the "devil dog" as well as the Sam's barking. We are off to pick up some supplies and start building a fence! Look forward to our next catch up. Thanks again and to anyone reading this who may be thinking "should I or shouldnt I" I say 100% to give Dr Cam a go, it has surely lowered my anxiety levels! P.S Dr Cam, if you are ever up this way we'd love to have you around :)

3 years ago

Hi Nicole and Brendon. Thanks for that. If only my corporate helicopter didn't have a flat tire!! You should do will with Sam, Layla and Kara. And you are building a fence already!! That's true dedication! Speak to you again in 2 weeks or so to check progress. Cam

Annette 3 years ago

My thanks Dr Cam Day for your assistance with Mirrhi. It had been almost two years of relentless training, and searching for answers, as to why my kelpie would not respond to training like other dogs, until I finally found real solutions through your service. I only wish I had found you sooner! I was concerned Mirrhi would have limited access to classes and dog activities due to her inability to concentrate and follow my simple commands. Now, with your medical advice and some helpful training activities/approaches, I am finally interacting with Mirrhi in a way that makes it possible for her to attend dog sports and training events with other canines. It has been such a relief to have someone identify the cause of her lack of focus. There are very few services that know how to deal with working dogs and these breeds are often misunderstood. It is nice to know that you are there! I am sure Mirrhi would thank you too. My dog has been actively training now with more success, as she is not as distracted by other dogs in the group. Your observations, recommendations, and follow up consultations have been invaluable. thanks!

3 years ago

Hello Annette. Thanks for that feedback. Mirrhi certainly has a 'work ethic' to put it politely!!! I am glad she is working on new behaviours now and not so much effort into the 'bad work ethic' behaviours. Onwards and upwards!! Cheers Cam

Leonii Grant 3 years ago

Hello! I was just wondering what it entails to become a pet behaviourist? I am 21 and very interested in the profession but I have no idea where to start. Is it something I need to get a university degree for or is one trained by a mentor? Thanks!

3 years ago

Hi Leonii, Thanks for your inquiry. The term 'pet behaviourist' or 'animal behaviourist' is poorly defined and there are no clear tracks to get a qualification that gives that title. However, the majority of folk in Australia who want to be more than dog trainers and work with pets experiencing behavioural problems gain accreditation (Certificate IV) with the Delta Professional Dog Trainers Association. This is a very good path to consider. If you are very dedicated and want to study to be a Veterinary Behaviourist you can complete a Veterinary Science degree to become a veterinarian and then, in Australia, take up membership with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Surgeons where you are mentored by other qualified behaviour veterinarians. You can then progress to become a specialist by undertaking study and by being mentored by other accredited specialists in Australia and/or overseas. Veterinary behaviourists offer a different service to non-veterinary behaviourist in-so-much-as they can diagnose medical disorders that may contribute to behavioural abnormalities and can also prescribe medications to alter behaviours if they are indicated by the diagnosis reached. Follow your passion but be sure to base your advice on processes which improve an animal’s welfare and quality of life.

Nicole 3 years ago

What a relief to meet Cam and know that our dog just needed a few tweaks in our home to make her more comfortable and relaxed while we are at work. Harper now barks less during the day and is much less anxious about us leaving in the mornings and is always calm and quiet when we return home. You put our minds at ease as well as helping keep our lovely Harper happy. Thanks for your time and advice Cam.

3 years ago

Thanks Lynne. Much appreciated! Continue being good Harper!!

Mary Ann Bates 3 years ago

Hi Dr Cam. Thanks for your visit last Sunday and the very helpful advice and suggestions you gave us. We are implementing a number of the suggestions and so far they have been quite successful. Hopefully the improvements continue. Kind regards Mary-Ann & John Bates

3 years ago

Thanks Mary-Anne. Much appreciated. Dr Cam

Nicole 3 years ago

Dr Cam helped us understand what our dog wanted when she started barking during the night. He gave us the know-how to listen to what our dog wanted, so we could address the situation. Although the ultimate solution wasn't what we wanted initially, our dog is happy which makes the rest of the family happy.

Ren ,Granddog of Paul 3 years ago

Hello Dr Cam, I am contacting you because Paul is so relieved after our visit on Monday, he cannot sit still to do it. A bit like me at the moment! He is so relieved he can now look after me in the Twilight of my life with less worry. You put him so at ease, I've never seen him like that at a Vet Clinic before. He is trying to look after me the best he can, but I'm sure with your help, he will do a GREAT job. All the best, Ren PS. Try to improve the taste of the tablets you prescribed!

3 years ago

Hello Ren. You are a clever dog to use your paws to type a message on behalf of your Dad. It was good to meet you and your Dad and I trust you will benefit from the 'not usually very nasty tasting' tablets! Cheers Uncle Cam

Miriam Orwin 3 years ago

My dog Chip is a new boy with the treatment he no longer climbs the front fence when I go out for a while and he is not destructive of things as he once was - he is so much better and calmer and more affectionate too/ Great the stuff really works

Frances Privitera 3 years ago

Hi Cam Thanks for your time and energy. The advice you provided was very sound and I have put some of it in place. Looking for a dog crate on eBay the ones in the pet store are too small. I will keep you posted re our progress. With much appreciation Frances Charlie and Millie (meow meow)

3 years ago

Thanks Frances. I have just measured the dog crate we use for cats and it's 92 L x 60 W x 66 H (That's about 3 feet long) Keep purring! Cam

Shane and Mitchelle 3 years ago

Hi Cam, Thanks for your time last week. We have begun implementing the training strategies you have mentioned and so far so good. We understand that there will be no magic overnight success of course but, with the training alone, we have seen an improvement with Koda's anxiety. It will be interesting to see how the medication also helps with this. You have given us the confidence that we can resolve the aggression between our to dogs and hopefully one day get back to a relatively normal life. Cheers, Shane

3 years ago

Thanks Shane and Michelle. Onwards and upwards from here. Will ring in a few days to check initial progress on the training and the medications. Cheers Cam

Jeannette Ince 3 years ago

There are many aspects of your Pethealth Service that I appreciated .. to name a few: you initiated a house visit at short notice, and were an "easy" person to get to know and have in the house you reinforced, and practised, a positive approach all the time you were very clear in giving easy to follow directions to both myself and Holly you've left me with a recording of all those directions, which enables me to review the strategies and most significantly, you understood and responded to our concerns about Holly's antisocial reactive barking with visitors, and demonstrated that this behaviour can be changed ... many thanks Cam, and I look forward to keeping you updated on our progress.

3 years ago

Thanks Jeannette, that's much appreciated. Holly is a gorgeous dog to deal with and well-motivated to be good which will help you with your progress! Keep in touch. Cheers Cam

Bill and Steph 4 years ago

Hi Cam, Thanks so much for your visit last week - we don't feel so alone as we deal with the stressful situation of our dogs barking problem. We've taken on board all your good advice and hold hope for the future that our very loved little guys will settle completely into their new home. We'll continue to work with them everyday to achieve our goal - less barking, happy neighbours!! The hints you gave to reduce boredom have worked well. Thanks again. We really appreciate all your advice. Regards Bill & Steph (Harry & Bella)

Gabrielle Mackellar 4 years ago

Hi Cam Rocky pick up really quickly.But now he thinks he should get a treat every time he barks or portends there is something up there. I don't have to say anything he knows it all When I talking walking off leash & a big dog is in site I just hook him up and he just walkes past. So think being a smart little fellow we getting somewhere Cheers Gabrielle

1 week ago

Thanks Gabrielle. To reduce his persistence on food, reduce the food treats to a '1 in 5' reward. The other four should be voice only. That should work! Cam

Cathy 4 years ago

I was so impressed with how fast Dr Cam responded to my enquiry. I was lucky enough to be able to be seen that day, and was very impressed with how thorough the assessment was, and felt reassured by the strategies agreed on. I am really hopeful that the future involves a happy dog and a happy owner! Thank you from myself and Maddy (anxious/aggressive cattle dog cross)

4 years ago

Thanks Cathy! Much appreciated. Be good Maddy! Cam

Lisa J 4 years ago

Hi Dr Cam, The telephone consult is a great service, very convenient and receiving the written report is extremely helpful. I found the tips and information really interesting and useful. Your advice was things I've never thought of trying before so I'm very optimistic about improving our cats behaviour. I will keep you posted about future developments!

Lorraine thornguist 4 years ago

Thank you for your comprehensive advice. Lorraine and Len

Blanca 4 years ago

We knew about Dr. Cam surfing the net, but I must say that that day we were very lucky. The site is great and the newsletters really helpful. Thank you for your help, quick response and care. Hope you were closer as we are making contact over the Oceans (Spain)

4 years ago

Thanks Bianca. Do Spanish dogs bark with an accent???? Cheers Cam

Margaret and Jik Pritchard 4 years ago

Thankyou so much for your great help this am. We are looking forward to trying out your suggestions and will keep in touch.We love both our dogs and hope things improve with bella.

4 years ago

Thanks Margaret. She is only a youngster and still learning. She is almost certain to respond to the reward-based pulse-like training discussed - that grows an oak tree of knowledge and accumulates good behaviours. Cheers! Cam

Steve and Tjara Hynes 4 years ago

Hello Dr Cam, We would just like to thankyou for your home visit last week - you really showed us some amazing methods to help calm our boy Baxter down. He is responding OK to the new training methods, we are yet to see improvement on his laser lock but hopefully with us training each day he will succeed. We were amazed with your techniques and have been telling everyone how fantastic you are! We will touch base and keep you updated on his progress too. Your teachers pet Penny says hi (she is doing wonderfully!). Thanks again, Steve and Tjara

4 years ago

Thanks for that, Steve and Tjara. Baxter will get there!! Penny is the queen of cute and she knows that. Keep in touch! Cam

Susan 4 years ago

Hi! Thanks so much for spending all that time with us last week Cam, the girls and I really appreciated your knowledge and helpful advise. We are currently following your training schedule and it's remarkable how easy it is to carry out. I know Bobbi is enjoying it too. I think that the homeopathic drops may be helping, she seems to be a little more cheerful, and calm. I have had such a crazy week I haven't picked up an extra baby gate yet, but I have intentions of getting one still. Only time will tell, but maybe I won't need to use it too much. Thanks again so much, we'll look forward to catching up with you for our progress update in January. Have a great Christmas, Susan

Katalin Gasper 4 years ago

A friend of mine heard about the D.A.P. collar in a TV program. She knows that my little dog is pretty anxious when I have to leave him alone or when he travels with me in the car. Also he is afraid of loud noises, other dogs. I got him as a 2 years old, neglected, abused little thing. Though he improved a lot and we have a loving, trusting relationship, I started to research how can I get one for him. I realized that it is not easy at all! Finally I found a vet who directed me to Dr Cam Day, telling me that he is the best and he will definitely help me. I called him, left a message, he called me back straight away and not just posted the collar the very same day, but also very patiently asked me about the problems I'm having with my doggy and listened to me so very patiently! He also explained a few, very useful things and sent me exceptionally helpful information. I feel so very lucky - my doggy does, too - that we've found him! I trust in you, dear Dr Cam! Your caring, professional conduct, your love and understanding towards pets and their concerned owners...simply amazing. I've already learned from you a lot, many things to learn still. I wish that I knew about you earlier, but better late than never. Thanks very much. I feel privileged and sort of secure now that my doggy and I have your much respected and needed support

4 years ago

Thanks for that, Katalin. I am blushing! But you should do will with your little man. Cheers and thanks again. Cam

Lilly Alford 4 years ago

I am so pleased. I learnt heaps about my dog which is invaluable when you acquire a rescue dog with little known history. But, most importantly, I used the LEAVE process twice this morning (23/10/2013) with success. The first time was to get her to come into the house when she was sat at the gate barking at someone walking their dog across the street. The second time was when she was confined to the front porch while I was on the computer and she started to bark at someone or something out on the street. She came right to me in the computer room. Thank you Dr Cam!

Jenifer and Richard Garret 4 years ago

Hi Dr Cam, Thank you for your very positive advice on our little and problematic Bella. We were quite at a loss as to what to do next for her and now feel we can turn the situation around. We appreciate your time and knowledge, and will back in touch with results in a few weeks. Thank you once again, and our kind regards, Jenny and Richard.

4 years ago

Thanks Jennifer. Be good Bella or I will hear about it. Onwards!!

Bob and Beryl McGuffin 4 years ago

Dear Doctor Cam, Thank you for assessing Packety . We will follow your advice which made a lot of sense. We will post a further reply once we have a few weeks to implement the various techniques you provided.

Sarah Coetzee 4 years ago

Hi! I just want to say thank you so, so, much for coming to my house to assess my dog's behaviour in his usual environment. It's only been 2 days, but I kid-you-not, the change in our dog's behaviour is incredible! We have implemented the small changes you suggested to our daily routine, made some modifications to his environment, and set up the simple surveillance system to monitor his behaviour while I'm at work (and I can see he's "denning" for most of the day instead of annoying the neighbours!). At the end of both days so far, I've touched base with my neighbours and they are delighted with the results too! Thank you, from an ex-anxious pooch and his loving family!

4 years ago

Well that's very good news Sarah. Your welfare-minded approach to his care is what made all the difference. Congratulations a doing a good job with the work to date. He was a handsome boy and well worth the effort! Cam

Asti Berner 4 years ago

I am very pleased with our time we spent discussing Coco. I would have liked to let you see Coco in action and therefore would have seen how you would react to her behaviour. Different people learn in different ways. I am a visual person so I learn by watching then doing...which is what you did in regard to the training pulses. But thinking about it now I realise that I am not totally sure what to do in real life while she has not yet mastered the commands. For example, during a walk Coco saw dogs on the other side of the road going the opposite direction. I decided that it was faster to get out of sight of the dogs by continuing in the same direction rather than turning around. To find a real life example of Coco's behaviour would have simply used up our valuable time.

4 years ago

Thanks for that, Asti. Yes - you were a visual learner and you observed and then demonstrated how good you are at the task. Good onya! Re training her on the street - remember that the street is one of the more difficult areas in which to train a dog. That's an advanced level. Use the 'Green Park' and the 'Perpendicular Pooch' routine discussed first to establish the new routine. Then the street comes later. We can/will do a real-life example later when she has the basics in the bag. Hugs to Coco.

Lisa and Chris Myatt 4 years ago

Hello Dr Cam, Thank you for your assistance so far with our snappy little pooch Pablo. In just one week he has calmed a lot and will even let my father in law stand up in the house without going crazy. We found the CD very helpful for when we forget proper techniques and it is great to share with family members that want to help us train him. We look forward to see the progress as Pablo continues to be trained and properly medicate. Kind Regards Chris and Lisa Myatt

Sandra Koehler 4 years ago

Thanks Dr Cam, I appreciated your sound advice given in the tele assist call. The diffuser and homeopathic drops arrived today as promised, so I'm keen to start the program to keep Scruffy settled at night! I feel that I now have some strategies and direction to follow rather than feeling overwhelmed with the problem of night time barking. Kind regards.

Nicole and Rod Maxwell 4 years ago

Hi Dr Cam, We would like to thank you for the time you took with Saxon and us. We found all the information you gave us helpful and insightful and gave us hope for our lil boy. We are only just starting the long road ahead but hopefully the result will be rewarding, for both Saxon and us. You answered all our questions and concerns, never making us feel silly or at fault with our puppy's problem. We will keep you updated on his progress, hoping to see results really soon.. Your help is so very valuable. thanks again Dr Cam! Nic & Rod - Tail chasing, spinning

Olivia 4 years ago

Hi Dr Cam Your time with our dog, has opened up our eyes about this pooch's behaviour. We now understand him better and the technique used is getting very good results. He is much calmer now when the baby is around and appears to enjoy the training. Took him out for a walk for the first time in many months and using the word LEAVE when there is another dog being walked in the distant vicinity, he shows less interest. She also goes to my daughter now when she sends the command words. This a such a progress. Thank you again for your insight into this situation. We feel more confident and believe he will become a top dog, one day. Will keep you posted.

4 years ago

Thanks Olivia. He is a handsome boy and well worth the effort. I am glad the reward-based training is showing immediate effects! Cheers to all and liver treats to those that want them!!

Alison Jukes 4 years ago

Hi Cam, Thanks for your help with Delilah and Moses the other week. Delilah is now regularly venturing out of the bedroom and has actually been sleeping on the scratchy post and couch. She has also been eating her meals better and is not slinking around so much. I have got my dog crate and will shortly be setting that up in the living room for Moses to hang out in under supervision. Fingers crossed! Thanks, Alison

Helen 4 years ago

Thank you so much for your help with our boy Cooper. I found the session we had really informative and loved getting so much practical advice. I found the report invaluable, being provided with access to such a great stockpile of resources (videos etc) is fantastic and helps me to approach helping Cooper in a holistic way, and get greater understanding to his perspective.

Kate Bayley 4 years ago

Hello Dr Cam Thank you so much for all your helpful advice and for providing our local vets with her reports extremely quickly so that they now can get on board with what we are doing to help Tia. we were very pleased with all the tips you have given us and can't wait get on top of TIa's anxiety. We were able to collect her new medication this evening and as soon as we receive the package you have sent us we will begin the medication, comfort den and spying on her. Again thank you very much and will be in contact with you 7 days after we begin to give you an update Regards Kate Bayley

Sally Dittmar 4 years ago

I'm so happy to have a starting point to train our little cat to use the litter box. We will implement the steps Dr Cam recommended and from there we'll be able to find the best litter, box and tray placement for Maximo. Thank you, Dr Cam for the information. Sally!

4 years ago

Thanks Sally! FYI I have just found a source of the ideal litter trays. Let me know if you need supplies. Cam

Nicole and Kevin 4 years ago

Hi Dr Cam, Thanks for our 1st full nights sleep in years! We came to you not really thinking there was any solution but to put our dog down and you gave us a simple, logical and economical answer to our prayers. Fingers crossed that we continue to have silent nights. THANKS! Nicole & Kevin

4 years ago

Hi Nicole. Well that is good news! Shows the beneficial effect of sensbile meds and pheromones combined. Keep in touch. Cam

Deb Brownson 4 years ago

Hi Cam, it was good talking with you today. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the pheremones and resulting trial. I feel that there is something that can be done to assist Maggie with her separatioon anxiety. Your mode of operation is fascinating and I really enjoyed the consultation. Regards, Deb

4 years ago

Thanks Deb. The pheromones are on their way! Happy times ahead?! Cam

Janelle Sweeney 4 years ago

Hi Dr Cam, I found my first appointment with you to be very helpful and it was great to have an email sent to refresh my memory of what we discussed. The information given was easy to understand and wasn't overwhelming. After one session with you I already feel like things are on the right track as I have not felt this with other methods that have either been tried or discussed. I believe Honey had a good experience at your clinic (think the toys & treats did it for her) and one day she will show thanks to you by being a happier & much calmer dog. Looking forward to our next appointment. Cheers Janelle (Anxiety Disorder)

Helen and Bill 5 years ago

Nice telephone conversation with some positive ideas and remedies,look forward to informing you of the result cheers Bill

5 years ago

Nice telephone conversation with some positive ideas and remedies,look forward to informing you of the result cheers Bill

Paula and Chris Fortune 5 years ago

Hi Dr Cam, Indie is so much happier now. She loves her hound house and her konk wobbler. The most important thing is she is not hurting herself any more trying to escape. She is not even attempting to do that now. A Combination of medication and amazing advise from you has helped so much with the stress we were feeling. Our lives were literally turned upside in a week with no light. Then my Vet recommended you and the light shone through. Indie, myself and Chris thankyou with all our hearts !

5 years ago

Thanks for that lovely feedback, Paula but you have done most of the work. Good Onya! Be good Indie. Cheers Cam

Fay McGinley 5 years ago

Hello Dr. Cam, Thank-you for taking the time today to provide me with some very interesting and much-needed advice for our Ollie. It is the end of the day and I have yet to read through your advice and put it all into practice. I am looking forward to being in control of Ollie's barking myself, instead of him... I was very impressed with the way you explained everything as we went along; also I was surprised to get a response and follow up call from one of your assistants (Jim) with whom I booked the phone consultation with you. That was Good Step No. 1 ! I will let you know how we progress and am fully expecting a good result. Many thanks Fay

5 years ago

Hello Fay, Thanks for those comments and Jim will be pleased for the 'pat on the back'. You should do will with Ollie - simple remedies for a complex problem! Cheers and thanks again. Cam

Susan Currie 5 years ago

Hi Cam Thank you for your visit and your advice. I felt a bit overwhelmed at first but I have now purchased 6 new litter trays and placed 3 different kinds of litter in them, 3 in the laundry as before and three in the main bathroom. I have also purchased wire baskets to sieve the litter. I have also purchased a new scratching post for Natasha and placed it near the furniture. So far, she remains suitably unimpressed even by the feather attached to it. I have downloaded the iCam (perhaps you could claim a copyright interest?) and ICam Support and will now proceed to attempt to work out how to set them up. regards Susan

5 years ago

Thanks Susan. Litter-al logic is being applied enthusiastically I see! I will be interested to see what the surveillance tells you about which is the guilty party. Keep me in the loop. Cam

Cori Stanley and Steve Roe 5 years ago

We were so happy to get Dr. Day's help! We were at the point where we thought we had tried everything and would have to rehome one of our beloved pets. But Dr. Day gave us hope! He asked all the right questions and really got to know us and our pets. Dr. Day thoroughly and concisely explained the causes of the aggression between our cats and the accompanying inappropriate soiling behaviour. Most importantly, he created an easy plan to overcome the issues we were having. We are just in the beginning phases of putting the plan into motion, but we are confident it will work and are already starting to see our cats relax a bit around each other! The whole experience was pleasant, even fun. We cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Day, the help he provided to us, what a great learning experience it has been, and how valuable his help has been to our whole furry family! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

5 years ago

Julie Parsons 5 years ago

Dr Cam, you are the best investment Kaos, the Chinese Crested, ever made! We are still stunned at how our savage Kaos, took so kindly to you at his own leisure! You showed ourselves and Kaos how easy the world can be. Your words were easy to follow and Kaos is responding already!! We had a very nervous little man, who now has the chance to view the world in a very different way, how do we all say THANKS! Your training program is so simple to follow and the video is priceless. Thank you for your time and bravery, obviously very dedicated to dogs.

5 years ago

Thanks for that, Julie. Your comments are much appreciated but remember it was your ability to work with Kaos and your dedication to a solution that was more important that what I did. Thanks too for introducing me to the Chinese Crested as a breed. I see very few of them - thankfully for the breed! Cheers Cam

Simone Bailey-Hough 5 years ago

Hello Dr Cam - thank you thank you for giving me sensible advice and a plan to follow.I greatly appreciate your service and will be recommending you to friends in Western Australia. Thank you again for your time and setting up a great website that we can use!!!!

5 years ago

Thanks Simone. You have an interesting and challenging problem! If my corporate helicopter didn't have a flat battery I would pop over for afternoon tea and to meet the pooches!

Maggie Lacey 5 years ago

Hi Dr Cam, I would like to say that at last I feel that I am being given sensible sdvice and shown practical techniques to deal with Tuppence biting and aggression. I started your training, immediately I got home yesterday, with the "Come, sit, leave, seek " and both Tuppence and myself got it right about 70% of the time.Also I love your belief in praise rather than punishment, and we spent a lovely evening cuddled up on the couch together. I am now going to spend some quality time with Tuppence, and will keep you updated on our progress. Oh...nearly husband,Derek,completely agrees with my sentiments for once !! lol.

Tricia 5 years ago

Hi Cam, Thank you for all the great advice you gave me this morning. Lot's of common sense mixed together with valuable tips & tricks. I am looking forward to putting all of the information into practice over the coming weeks. I have already started running up & down (in the lift) every hour. Thank you again and I will update you as I go along. Cheers & Woof Tricia, Honey & Muffin :-)

5 years ago

Thanks Trish. That's dedication! Stepping straight onto the solution I note. Dare I say a wee success is on the way and you are flushed with enthusiasm but no more soiled reputations for the pooches.

Vicki and John 5 years ago

Dear Dr Cam We found your service very very interesting, and very professionally spoken, we are now pleased we took the step to come and see you, and we will certainly keep in touch. Vicki and John Ipswich - Anxious and panicking dog.

5 years ago

Thanks for your comments folks. The feedback below has just been carried over from our older Feedback page, hence the date are not indicative of the times those comments were left. To view the original feedback page, follow this link

Rob and Burnie 5 years ago

Thanks Cam for you advice. Rob and I have found it extremely valuable in being able to talk to someone not involved in the situation that faces us. Your insight into dealing with dog behaviour was refreshing and practical. I think that your interaction with our neighbour has provided us with an opportunity to see if he is prepared to become proactively involved now. Overall you have given us realistic and manageable options that we can now use to try and resolve our dogs' unacceptable behaviours. Again thanks for everything and we will keep you posted on progress. Cheers Rob & Bernie Carina. Barking dogs

Judy 5 years ago

Dear Dr Cam, We would like to thank you for your visit. We thought you were terrific with the animals – you obviously love creatures great & small. We like your strategies – they have given us a sense of confidence that our problem may be solvable and have provided us with specific steps to take. We realise it is going to be a long haul, but it is necessary for the whole household to be able to exist in harmony (I’m sounding a bit like John Lennon). We liked the way you demonstrated what was required and stepped us through the process. We appreciate the time you spent (never making us feel we were taking too much time) and your patience in answering our questions and clarifying any confusion. Thanks again. Cheers. Judy North Coast. Dog aggressive to wildlife.

Lisa 5 years ago

Hi Cam Addison is already showing signs of improvement. The little dog next door challenged Addison recently and she completely ignored it. The other behaviourist confused me with her punishment techniques as my natural tendancy and what I had learnt before was always to reward the good behaviour - your rewarding system suits my personality better and because of that I will find it easy to follow with all of the dogs. Thank you again for helping me and Addison :) Lisa, Manly, Aggressive German Shepherd

Sarah 5 years ago

Dear Dr Cam. Thank you for your advice and consultation with Digby. I was very happy with the consultation and the comprehensive information you have provided and can’t think of anything you could have done to improve my and Digby's experience. I look forward to working with Digby to a point of nail clipping with no sedation. Sarah (West End) Dog aggressive when claws trimmed.

Susan 5 years ago

Hi Dr Cam, Firstly I would like to say thank you for helping us out that Wednesday. We have taken our dog out for walks and we can tell she is relaxing more and actually enjoying the walks now thanks to your advice. I couldn’t believe how effective a simple technique combined with a different harness could let us lead her to such great improvement. Now she no longer pulls ua around and the aggression is all but gone. I must say we were very very impressed. Thank you for those 45 minutes. We are very happy and excited with the results a small session can do. You and your service are of a very high standard and we will recommend you to any and everyone who has issues with their pets. Look foward to our next appointment. Sincerely Susan (Inala). Dog aggressive to other dogs met when walking

Samantha 5 years ago

Dear Dr Cam, Thank you so much for your time and advice yesterday regarding Sabrina. Thanks also for the speedy dispatch of the pheromone unit. We received it this morning which is slightly unusual for Cairns! Your active listening to Sabrina’s problems, and your considered advice regarding treatment, is extremely appreciated. The Feliway unit has now been on for about 3 hours and she is currently sound asleep and very relaxed on the sofa. Fingers crossed! Kind Regards Samantha(Trinity Beach)Anxious cat

Dan and Jill 5 years ago

Cam Thanks for your time yesterday. Your online assessment form is excellent. Your explanations were simple and it's clear you are very knowledgeable. Thanks again for the opportunity to provide feedback. This is a rare thing, and we applaud you for asking for it. Warmly Dan and Jill (Marcoola) House soiling and over-grooming cats

Toni and John 5 years ago

Dear Dr Cam, Thank you so much for coming to our home to meet our 2 beautiful doggies. The time seemed to go so quickly (for us anyway) not sure if you felt the same!! It was a delight to meet you, I feel you have so much knowledge & we just need to put this into place which I want to work at so badly. But as you said it is small stepping stones that are required, we are more than happy to work on the tactics that we discussed one step at a time. We shall keep you posted as to our progress, thank you again for your time & we look forward to our next visit. Kindest Regards Toni and John (Gold Coast) Aggressive dog

Cameron and Lisa 5 years ago

Hey Cam, Firstly we really appreciated the time, and extra time you spent with us, it was incredibly insightful, informative and a necessary step in our dealing with Maddy's issues. We thought the process of the phone call and the house visit was awesome and really helpful. We really valued your understanding and perspective on the challenges we are facing with our little furry friend. As far as aspects of our meeting that could have been improved, we have none. We thought your analysis was in depth and accurate, you were understanding of our problem, and your sincerity to nut out a solution was encouraging. Basically we really valued the fact that you provide the service you do, you've offered a different perspective to any that we have encountered thus far and provided us with options. That's been the most amazing thing for us, the fact that we have spent a lot of money and tried a lot of different strategies without success and now we have more options. Your services were ideal for where we were at with this situation, which was basically pulling our hair out and clueless as to what to do next. You have certainly provided more options and the positive aspect of some hope for our little Maddy and that's where a'lot of our gratitude lies. The audio CD's you made for us have been a crucial reference point over the last week as we have been carrying out the initial strategies we discussed. Again, we have lost respect for our 'normal' vets not only based on our previous experiences with Barkley but also with their lack of commitment to establishing solid plans of attack or strategies to at least try and combat these issues. This is where we really respect what you do and how you do it. Thanks again Cam we really are impressed with your service and appreciate the hope you have given us Cheers mate Cameron and Lisa (Alderley) Anxious and escaping dog

Fiona 5 years ago

Hi Cam, Yes the chat yesterday was very helpful. In terms of "how you did", you were very thorough; very logical; and also realistic in terms of how serious the problem is and how carefully we have to consider the consequences of where we go from here. I have had a look at the links you sent and it is certainly helpful to reinforce the things we discussed, especially the podcast on resource guarding. Cheers Fiona (Burbank) Aggressive Great Danes

Peter 5 years ago

Dear Dr. Cam, Thank you for today's session. It is working a treat. I must say your ability access the problem and then pass on information and instructions over the phone is quite incredible, I had no trouble following your instructions. Regards Peter (Southside) Noise fear Cattle Dog

Jayne and Andrew 5 years ago

Dear Cam, Thank you so much for assessing our much-loved dog last week and for supplying the report so quickly. It was a pleasure to meet you and both Andre' and I appreciated the care and concern you demonstrated. As you can tell we love our dogs, and this has been one of the most distressing times of our lives. I cannot praise you enough for the kindness and professionalism we have received right from my first phone contact with Wendy, meeting you and the follow up. I am happy to recommend your services to all I come in contact with and believe me there has already been plenty of discussion with family and friends. So, once again thank you and I will keep in touch with the developments. Regards Jayne and Andrew North Coast Aggressive dog

Lana and Aaron 5 years ago

Hello Dr Day We were thrilled with your service and have shouted it from the rooftops to friends and colleagues already. We particularly appreciated the following aspects of your service: You seeing us at such short notice The very practical, simple and cost-effective suggestions you had for us (including the demonstrations) You asking us whether we had any questions, and answering all the questions we had Your great sense of humour and genuine understanding of Max's nature and the limits of human endurance! It is refreshing to see that you are brave and interested enough to seek feedback from clients - it's something I am a great believer in too. Aaron and I have already and will continue to happily recommend you. We should say that we also found Wendy to be very helpful on the phone and at the counter. Kind regards Lana and Aaron

Calista 5 years ago

Hello Dr Cam Your service was great! I really found it helpful, stress free and friendly. The instructions you gave where clear and worked so well. It was 100% awesome to me. Good job and well done! Thank you so much for your help. I will keep up with the training and I think I will have a perfect dog. Calista Gold Coast) Barking dog

Les and Shirley 5 years ago

Hullo Dr Cam, Thank you again for taking the time and offering very good advice for our beautiful Jess. I believe the most valuable advice you gave us was to feed the girls away from each other. Jess doesn't have to concentrate on protecting her food.. We felt the advice you gave us was much needed and hopefully with a little time and patience, we will win this battle. We love all of our girls dearly. Cam again, thank you so much and I will keep you posted on our progress. Kind regards Les and Shirley Daandine) Aggressive dogs