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Sarah Hamilton October 7, 2020

Dr Cam was very thorough with the information he provides. The recordings and extra links have been very helpful and I can see the start of my staffy's behaviour change, such a relief! My sunny girl absolutely loved him too!

14th October 2020

Thanks Sarah. Sunny was a wonderful dog and you should do well with her.

Gaynor and Jim October 4, 2020

Thanks Cam, Firstly for coming out to meet us and leaving us with solutions that even after a week are starting to work. We love our dogs and we were beginning to think that because of an aggressive nature the only solution was to re-home one of them or worse. We feel confident that the ideas you left us with will continue to help with their behaviour.Thank you, Gaynor and Jim

4th October 2020

Thanks Gaynor and Jim. You should do well with that pair of cute scallywags.

Cooper September 28, 2020

Dr Cam was everything I expected when I purchased his therapy. Straight to the point and provided excellent analogies and metaphors to perfectly describe how and why my dog was thinking and behaving. Dr Cam also provided detailed information relevant to my dog's behavior to help me understand his true nature. Overall, I'm happy with my first session/experience with Dr Cam and am confident he will guide me through my dog's difficulties.

1st October 2020

Thanks Cooper. You should do well with that cute Pooch.

Molly September 10, 2020

Dr Cam was amazing! I was at a bit of a loss at how to continue with my dogs learning and Dr Cam provided science based training exercises that Penny and I actually enjoy doing and I am already seeing improvements with. He communicated so well and made it fun for all of us as well as addressing all the issues that I was stressed about. I honestly don't think anything could be improved, it has helped us all so much!

Andrina July 7, 2020

Thank you Dr Cam for you time. We were so pleased to see how well Harry responded to you and the techniques you have shown us to improve his behavior. Your training was easy to follow as you offered relatable and often entertaining explanations of how and why. Your relaxed and encouraging approach has given us confidence in ourselves and also in Harry's ability. We are very pleased to have you on this journey with us.

Thanks Andrina. Harry is a great dog and you should do well.

Naomi June 24, 2020

Terrific house call to address aggression between my two cats and one not using the litter tray correctly. Cam was incredibly comprehensive and guided me through his expertise rather than dumping me with information and running away. I'll work with my lovely cats and watch the clear success on the back of what we've spoken about! Thank you so much Naomi

Kelli June 6, 2020

Most amazing consultation and kindness in a tricky situation. My daughters dog Gaston is troubled and we felt like we had no hope on the way to the appointment. Leaving after an emotional roller coaster of poor dog behaviour, we felt like we had options and something to try. I appreciate your honesty and knowledge.

Thanks Kelli. Much appreciated. Keep on keeping on.

Jessica May 26, 2020

Dr. Cam was great with my anxious and misbehaving staffies. So grateful to hear his knowledge surrounding the dog's behavior. His patience with me retelling and sorting through their history was fantastic. After one consultation I am already more confident at addressing their aggression towards each other. It is also amazing to have the recordings and reports from the session to replay and share with my partner who could not be at the appointment. So far so good, thank you again for your help.

May 26, 2020

Thanks Jessica. Much appreciated.

Jenny and Eric June 13, 2020

We had a tele assist session with Dr Cam in the hope of helping us with our 8 year old Pomeranian x King Charles who is a very anxious and nervous dog. It was a very relaxed yet informative call. Dr Cam gave us techniques to use and advice on how to deal with our dog's anxiety, house soiling and barking. We have seen positive changes in our dog since our tele assist call which was only 10 days ago. Thanks Dr Cam.

June 13, 2020

Thanks Jenny and Eric. It's pleasing to hear Bodie is doing well.

Tiffany and Brad July 17, 2020

We found Cam to be very welcoming and his insight into Whiskeys behaviour and how to change it was excellent. He explained everything very clearly and methodically which was easy to understand and put into practice. We also appreciate that there is a written report and voice recording to help us remember and understand the training techniques. We left feeling that a huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders and happy in the knowledge that we have great tools to help Whiskey be the best version of herself. We cant thank Cam enough and will be recommending him to friends.

Thanks Tiffany and Brad. Keep on keeping on - you will do well with Whiskey.