Podcast – Dr Cam chats about how he helps

Pet Behaviour management is a complex science

But we like to make it easy by using just three steps:-

  • Assess the problem to determine “What’s happening”
  • Implement the solutions to fix the problem that’s been assessed
  • Then provide long-term support to be sure the problem is fixed

The way we solve behavioural problems.

The Steps We Take To Help You

An assessment is always the first step. This how Dr Cam diagnoses the cause behind the symptoms of the behaviour that you see in your pet.

The assessment determines how your pet’s behaviour fits in with your lifestyle, your work routine, the type of home you live in and your pet’s access to that home.

Behaviours that occur when you are ‘out and about’ are assessed slightly differently

The assessment will then shape the advice Dr Cam  gives you to help your pet become better behaved

Being a veterinary behaviourist, Dr Cam is able to look at all available treatment options to ensure that your pet is getting the best care needed.

There are four points that sum up the way in which Dr Cam will treat your pet.

  • Is there a medical condition contributing to the behaviour?
  • How can the behaviour be managed to reduce the risk and prevent your pet from self-reinforcing the behaviour?
  • Can your pet be trained to be better behaved?
  • How can calmatives such as medications, homeopathics,
  • pheromones and calming massage be used to help your pet?

Quite often, the therapies lie in a unique combination of the above four factors.

Each case is reviewed by email, by phone or in clinic generally at:-

  • 7 days by email or phone
  • 21 days usually in clinic
  • At 2 months
  • And at 6 months
  • And thereafter if needed

Free phone support provides part of this vital follow up and is included with your membership to this site and is part of a ‘full therapy’ consultations. (Refer to your preferred service below for more details).

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Which consultation is best for my pet’s problem?

Tele Assist Service

Ideal for:

  • Out of area clients (e.g. interstate, clients who are too far to travel)
  • Simpler behavioural issues
  • Budget-conscious and time-conscious – an average Telephone Assessment is half an hour with Dr Cam.

Also, if you have access to a computer and the internet at the time of your appointment, Dr Cam can use some screen-linking software that will let you view his desktop as you speak, so you can see your personalised ‘Your Front Page to Petbehaviour’ report as it is created.

Clinic Assessment

Priestdale, Brisbane

Ideal for:

  • Simpler behavioural issues
  • Those who aren’t sure if their pet’s problem is solvable, or if they are questioning whether their pet is suitable for them
  • The budget-conscious and time-conscious – Clinic Assessments are scheduled for half an hour, but we can put aside extra time if needed
  • Those who aren’t sure what consultation is best suited for them – this will at least give you an idea of what you’re dealing with

Clinic Assessments also include a personalised Your Front Page to Petbehaviour report.

Full Therapy Consultations

These are our “bells and whiskers” consultations, or our premium consultations. They are generally the best-fit consultation for the majority of behavioural issues, as they are very in-depth and aim to give you everything you need in the one session.

Full therapy consultation take approximately two hours and the consultation includes:

  • A 30 minute assessment
  • 90 minutes of in-depth therapies where Dr Cam will show you exactly what you need to do to ensure your pet’s happiness and wellbeing
  • An audio recording of all advice shared from the consultation.
  • A personalisedYour Front Page to Petbehaviour report
  • Available in two locations: our Priestdale consulting rooms, or your home (travel fees apply to home visits)