Barking Solutions without using electric barking collars

Solve Dog Barking Without Using an Electric Collar!

Many web-based barking solutions rely on the use of electric barking collars.

That’s sad, senseless and non-scientific and potentially hurtful and harmful.

If you use an electric collar you need to know that WON’T solve the underlying reason for your dog’s barking.

Placing an electric collar on your dog’s neck mostly relies on mindless punishment of every single bark. Collars don’t show concern for any significant mood disorder may be creating your dog’s barking. That worries us!

And if your dog has an anxiety disorder such as a separation anxiety, there is no way the collar will solve that anxiety.

There are better ways than using an electric collar.

We solve barking with science-based,welfare-focused solutions that DO target the underlying cause of the barking.

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