​Pet Behaviour Management Consultations and Bookings

Dr Cam can help by phone, in his consulting rooms or in your home


How we make pet behaviour management easy

We make pet behaviour management easy by using just three steps:

STEP ONE : –        Assess the problem to determine “What’s happening”

STEP TWO : –       Implement the solutions to fix the problem that’s just been assessed

STEP THREE : –  Then provide long-term support to be sure the problem is fixed

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Step One – The Assessment 

An assessment is always the first step. This is how Dr Cam diagnoses the reasons causing the behaviour that you see in your pet.

The assessment determines how your pet’s behaviour fits in with your lifestyle, your work routine, the type of home you live in and your pet’s access to that home.

Behaviours that occur when you are ‘out and about’ are assessed slightly differently.

The assessment will then shape the advice Dr Cam  gives you to help your pet become better behaved, thereby leading to Step Two.

Step Two – Implementing the Solutions

Being a full-time pet behaviour veterinarian, Dr Cam is able to look at all available treatment options to ensure that your pet is getting the best care needed.

There are four questions Dr Cam considers when he treats your pet: –

  1. Is there a medical condition contributing to the behaviour?
  2. Can your pet be trained to be better behaved?
  3. How can the behaviour be managed to reduce the risk and prevent your pet from self-reinforcing the unwanted behaviours?
  4. How can calmatives such as homeopathics, neutraceuticals, pheromones, medications or even calming massage be used to help your pet?

Quite often, the therapies lie in a unique combination of the above four factors.

Step 3 – Follow up

Dr Cam usually has a 6-month long-term follow-up process for each case. That means cases are  reviewed by email, by phone or in clinic generally at:

  • 7 days by email or phone
  • 21 days usually in clinic
  • At 2 months
  • And at 6 months
  • And thereafter if needed

Get started by completing this behaviour assessment form

​Which consultation is best for my pet’s problem?

 You can choose from a Tele-Assist service (COVID-19 safe), an in-clinic consultation or a house call consultation.

Tele-Assist Service


Tele Assist Service

With COVID-19 considerations, we are encouraging pet owners to start with a Tele-Assist service.

The questions Dr Cam asks you in the early part of a consultation are the same whether he is meeting you face-to-face, or helping you via phone.  Tele-Assists are also Dr Cam’s cheapest rate.

So, with worries regarding COVID-19, starting with a Tele Assist is common sense. Then, a face-to-face consultation can then be organised if it is still needed.

Tele-Assists are:

  •  low-cost
  • provide a quick start
  • brilliantly effective
  • include a web-linked written report (Your Front Page to Pethealth)
  • COVID-19 safe

Dr Cam uses simple screen-linking software that will let you view Your Front Page to Pethealth as it is being created. This WYSIWYG theme really helps with information-sharing and gives a unique visual appearance to the spoken words.

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Clinic Assessment

Priestdale, Brisbane
Ideal for:

  • Simpler behavioural issues
  • Those who aren’t sure if their pet’s problem is solvable, or if they are questioning whether their pet is suitable for them
  • The budget-conscious and time-conscious – Clinic Assessments are scheduled for half an hour, but Dr Cam will allow extra time if needed
  • Those who aren’t sure what consultation is best suited for them – this will at least give you an idea of what you’re dealing with

Clinic Assessments also include a personalised Your Front Page to Pethealth report but longer consultations give a better more detailed report.
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Clinic Full Therapy

Priestdale, Brisbane

The clinic full therapy is ideal for problems that occur outside the home, such as issues when dogs are being walked on the street or in dog parks, aggression to people met or dogs met while walking, and other similar issues.

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House Call Full Therapy

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast

House calls are ideal for problems that occur when your pet is at home, such as separation anxieties and related behaviours, escaping, barking, and aggression to the family or to visitors. Often with these types of behaviours, the style and nature of your home will play a large part in the remedies for your pet’s behavioural problems.

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Consulting Room Hours

Generally Friday through to Monday, thus including most Saturdays and Sundays