Start here for solutions to your cat’s aggressive behaviours

To stop your cat’s aggressive behaviour, you need to start by determining the reason for the aggression.

Jeckyl and Hyde Aggression deals with those cats that bite people whereas Feisty Felines deals with inter-cat aggression.

The therapy for aggressive cats involves various behaviour modification techniques and Manic Moggie Manipulators and Changing Moods will help with that.

Assimilating new cats with each other often causes aggression so Bosom Buddies is important if you are introducing a new cat.

If visiting cats are a problem, the fact sheet Feline Mad will give details on how to repel them without harming them.

Many aggressive cats are bored out of their big brains so No Bored Cats and Feline Frolics are both good starts to the solutions for boredom.

Pheromones, where available are also very useful products for settling aggressive cats and the Feliway Pheromone Range  is just what the doctor ordered!

Some older cats can be cranky due to the ‘steaming up’ effect of old age diseases and the Senior Cat Care will lead you forward if this is your cat’s problem.

inter-cat aggression