Aggression to Para-veterinary staff

Guidelines for Veterinary Nurses, Dog Groomers and Hydrobath Personnel

If you work with dogs, dealing with aggression is an occupational hazard. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to minimise problems. With young pups or with ‘first timer’ dogs, the first visit to the veterinarian, grooming parlour or hydrobath is where success or failure of future visits can be determined.

What if the dog you are to handle, groom or wash is already aggressive? How you do handle the pet to prevent a major disaster?

In the following page for members you will receive information and gain knowledge to know exactly how to treat this issue to make your job working with Aggressive animals much easier.

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1. Preventing Aggression before it Starts – Conditioning

2. Handling Aggressive Animals

3. Muzzles

4. Wrongful Reinforcement -Stop the Dog Learning to be Aggressive

5. Aggression Never Cures Aggression

6. Praise the Behaviour You Want and use the Invisible Dog Principal

7. Medications Can be Important

8. Recognising Aggressive Postures in Dogs