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Did you notice the ‘more than usual’ amounts of pet hair around your computer this morning?

Maybe there was a bit of dog slobber on your keyboard and the mouse has some strange tooth prints on its surface?

That’s because last night your pet was using your computer while you were asleep. (And NO it was not searching for paw-nography)

What your pet did discover was that membership with PETBEHAVIOUR.COM.AU rewards you will full access to all the information you need about his or her behaviour and health care.

Your pet noted It allows you to solve your his or her behaviour and health-care problems easily so that your pet leads a happier and healthier life.

Even with its clumsy paws, your pet discovered that Petbehaviour membership has an easy interface that allows you to download, read and listen to a world of unique pet care and pet behaviour information.

And your pet’s tail really wagged when he or she noted that the information is available to you in many different ways: –

  • Behaviour specific facts sheets
  • Audio podcasts
  • Videos

Because the information is written by full-time Animal Behaviour Veterinarian, Dr Cam Day and his dedicated team, your dog or cat was comforted to know that the information is science-based, sensible and welfare-focused and the hocus-pocus and guess work all-too-often involved with pet behaviour solutions is eliminated.

So your pet realised you can solve your pet’s behaviour and health care problems online immediately but if you want to, you can combine that with assistance from Dr Cam as well.

And, if you need to consult with Dr Cam personally for your pet’s behaviour, your pet was not so much interested that as a member you receive substantial discounts in consultation fees (which usually exceed the cost of membership) but more that Dr Cam always has treats available which he uses to reward good behaviour.

More slobber and pet hair then cascaded onto your keyboard.

Boy – your pet has been busy.

So, provides you with creative solutions to your pet’s health care and behavioural problems and, if you choose to consult with Dr Cam or his team, you get substantial discounts in services and free phone back-up with some of those services.

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Seven reasons your pet wants you to have PETHEALTH Membership

1. Science-based, sensible and downloadable information that’s practical and easy to implement

The information on PETHEALTH.COM.AU is written by Dr Cam and you can be assured that the information is science-based, sensible and welfare-focused.

The online information duplicates the sensible solutions Dr Cam has developed over the last 25 years in his dealing with pet behaviour problems in his consulting rooms in Priestdale in Brisbane, Australia and in other parts of south east Queensland. While you can find out more about Dr Cam here, just know that he is a pet owner first, and a pet behaviour veterinarian second.

By accessing membership now you can achieve the quickest possible cure to your pet’s behavioural problem and that will ensure your pet gets back to its happy and calm state as rapidly as possible.

2. Information-rich, downloadable Pet Picks to optimise your pet’s health and behaviour

Pet Picks are like manuals of menu-driven pet care information. Look for them because you will discover that not only are they like FAQs on steroids, but you will also find they instantly focus you on the exact problem you have with your pet so you don’t have to waste time endlessly searching the web and getting nowhere.

With the Pet Picks, you don’t have to spend time online grappling to find the answer to your pet’s care when you just know your time is limited. (You don’t want to try a ‘snatch and grab’ solution for a dangerous pet behavioural problem.)

3. Solve pet problems with Pethealth Pet Picks and membership combined

The Pet Picks are clever because when it comes pet behaviour solutions you are sure to realise that one behaviour problem overlaps with others (e.g. barking overlaps with training and with separation anxiety and boredom and … you get the point).

The Pet Picks cater for that ‘behaviour overlap’ perfectly.

Let’s give you an example.

The Barking Pet Pick for instance, will deal in detail with barking. That’s what it’s for. But it also tracks you over to the Separation Anxiety Pet Pick because many barking dogs suffer from anxieties. But barking involves training doesn’t it?

So the same Barking Pet Pick will track you over to the Dog Training Pet Pick as well. Do barking dogs benefit from boredom relief? Of course they do – you know that. So the barking dog pet pick also tracks to the No Bored Dogs Pet Pick.

And membership gives access to it all.

You can examine a list of Pet Picks right here.

4. Download-by-email Dr Cam’s Pet Fix Guides to treat complex behaviour problems

When you study the Pet Picks you will also find that some will lead you to the How to Do it Pet Fix Guides. These guides are answers to very specific pet problems that you are likely to have with your pets. (There’s a list below).

For instance one Pet Fix Guide is “My Dog is Barking at Things that Happen Beyond the Fence”. Did you notice how specific that was? Yes – they give answers to the biggest disaster behaviours – the major issues – the ‘must fix now’ problems.

They take ages to write because they really need an author who has dealt with these behaviour disasters time and time again. So they are what Dr Cam writes at night instead of sleeping!

What’s special about the Pet Fix Guides is that you can download them instantly. When you have them, your Membership gives you full-access to all the information they refer to.

Be warned, – these are detail rich.

5. Access hours of pet behaviour therapy podcasts

You will note that most Pet Picks are loaded-to-the-brink with topic-specific audio Podcasts that are created by Dr Cam.  These are a special feature you are sure to find absorbing.

You can listen to them online or you can download them as MP3 files.

Most contain between 90 to 120 minutes of carefully structured information. You can take the audio tracks with you on the move, while jogging, driving, resting or playing.

The Podcasts are the most detailed information you can get about topic-specific pet behavioural problems – it’s like having Dr Cam with you, guiding and coaching you every step of the way.

Topics include:

• Help! My Dog is Aggressive to Other Dogs we Meet.
• Help! My Cat is Aggressive to Me and to Other Cats.
• Help! My Puppy is a Behaviour Nightmare
• Help! My Dog is Barking and My Neighbours are Irate
• Getting Good Behaviour From Delinquent Pets

Your membership will give you unrestricted access to those Podcasts.

6.  Access members-only special discounts

Members who consult with Dr Cam get discounts in fees that usually return more than the cost of the membership. So you can get your personal consultation with Dr Cam’s at his most economic rate AND benefit from all the detailed information about your pet’s behaviour management on PETBEHAVIOUR.COM.AU.

What that really means is you can study the behaviour remedy techniques Dr Cam shares with you and use your full site access to glean every additional piece of relevant information from the Pet Picks, the Pet Fixes, the Podcasts, Case Studies and other material on the site. Indeed, when you choose to have a consultation with Dr Cam, his website fits into the process like a hand-in–glove giving you hours and hours of additional information.

By the way, during your consultation, Dr Cam will write your own ‘Front Page to’.  This becomes your own personal front page to Dr Cam’s website.

Bet you can’t find that anywhere else!

7. Free phone support for behavioural problems

Can we tell you a bit more about how your consultations fit in with your membership?

If you book a full-therapy behaviour consultation with Dr Cam, as a member you will benefit from free telephone support for the full duration of your membership.

Thus you get long-term personal support from Dr Cam not just on the day of service but for as long as you need it (because you can extend your membership at any time – a month, a year or forever). You can thus be asured that your pet’s behaviour is fixed for the long term.

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