Creating a Daily Rabbit

We talk a lot about making things for your dogs out of the recycling bin. Daily rabbits, daily rats, lifestyle enrichment, boredom relief, backyard entertainment… you’ve probably heard it all before.

But maybe you’re a bit unclear? Or maybe you just want to know how to make some dirt cheap, quick toys for your mayhem making mutt.

We’ve got it all here for you.

The “Daily Rat” – The Toilet Roll Core Surprise!

1. Use cardboard boxes that you would normally place straight into your recycling bin. The recycling man won’t mind if the boxes are a bit chewed before he gets them!

When you are selecting your materials, try to stick to cardboard or soft plastics. Avoid materials like tin cans or glass as these will hurt your dog. It’s important to supervise your dog, especially at first, to make sure he or she won’t ingest the materials.

For this demonstration, we’re going to use a paper towel core, but you can also use cereal boxes, tea boxes, toilet roll cores and a variety of other things.

2. Select your treats. We like to use Vet’s Best Rewards liver treats in our toys.

3. Break your treats into fingernail-sized bits. This way your dog will not fill up as fast (and run its appetite for dinner!) and your treats will go further, saving you even more money. Win-win!
4. Fold over one end of the roll, as shown.
5. Put a few treats into the roll.

6. Fold over the other end so the treats won’t fall out easily and give it to your dog.

Voila! A happy pup and a toy that won’t break the bank!