Dog and Puppy Training

Why use reward-based training?

  • Your dog will enjoy reward based training much more than ‘yank and yell’ training
  • So will you
  • Reward based training crafts precise behaviour change quickly and accurately
  • And using reward-based training your progress is measurable – you know when you are winning or if you are losing

Does your dog stand instead of sit? Does your dog run away instead of come when you request it?

When you ask your dog to “Go fetch the paper, boy!” does he bring back the paper-boy?

“Socialization of puppies and adult dogs can prevent a lifetime of problems”

Training your dog is not only important for good manners, but it can also help prevent potential behavioural problems.

We recommend using pulsed, reward-based training techniques as these techniques allow you to develop a stronger relationship with your dog than traditional methods.

The video linked below will give you some insight in to our methods of training.