Happy and Content Pets – It’s as simple as ABC

It’s time to own up and face the facts! Take the test. Lay it on the line. Are you a SNAPO?

I’m referring to your pet’s quality of life. You probably know all about heartworm prevention, worming and proper feeding techniques and your pet, hopefully, has a high standard of care, but are you really insuring its happiness and that it is leading a fulfilling life style?

If you’re a SNAPO (Sensitive New Age Pet Owner for the ill informed!) you will be providing a healthy and stimulating lifestyle for your pet and enriching its lifestyle too.

You should involve your dog in aerobic exercise at least once daily for 15 minutes.  For working dogs, or dogs with destructive or excessive barking behaviours, this should be increased to twice daily.

If you’re a SNAPO your backyard is something special.  It’s not a dull area of dismal confinement, boredom city, or pooch purgatory.  No, to a SNAPO, their dog’s back yard is a Happy Hound’s Playground, a Mutt’s Mind-Enriching Expanse, a Dog’s Arena of Delight.

How do you create that for your dog?

It’s based on you providing the ABC’s of a rich lifestyle – Aerobic Exercise, Brain work and Cuddles.

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1. Aerobic Exercise

2. Agility Training

3. Novelty training

4. Cuddles