Keeping Cats Content

This module deals with cats, their confinement and on how to provide your cat with a rich lifestyle.

Confining cats indoors is an important strategy for many of us but it’s not always an easy task. Cats are curious creatures. They like to explore and to roam. They like to investigate and to play. They also like to sleep a lot!!

This is why confining cats means: 

  • Providing them with an enclosure or environment that caters for the need to explore.
  • Providing them with an environment that allows them to rest and sleep
  • Providing them with an environment that is safe
  • Ensuring they have an environment that stimulates them and caters for their need to play.
It’s not difficult to give cats a good lifestyle. Review the sheets that follow – but activate a membershipfirst as many are in the member’s section.

Start with the sheet Accommodating Cats in Comfort and then review Cagey Cats deal with confinement issues for cats. These sheets talk about how to construct a quality cat enclosure and what to put inside it.

The sheets Feline Frolics, No Bored Cats and A Carton of Magic deal with providing change in your cat?s lifestyle and how to cater for their need to explore.

Maurauding Moggies and Feline Mad! deal with the issues of roaming cats, the danger of roaming behaviour and how to keep cats away from your yard – humanely.

The sheet on Furry Pheromones shows how pheromones can help cats to settle into new environments such as a new enclosure or new home.

Next, as a bonus, you may like to read (in the public access area) about how the common Lily plant is dangerous for pets and especially for house-confined cats, by viewing Killer Lillies and for a final laugh, find out why I Hate My Cat!

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