Manic Moggie Manipulators page 2

The Commando Mouse Trap Technique

So for cats that claw the couch,  the first Devious Device in your munitions store is the mouse trap. We are not going to hurt the perplexing puss-cat – just to very gentle startle it. Set the trap and place it upside down on the couch – carefully. Now place a colorful piece of material such as a disposable kitchen cleaning cloth over the trap.

When Claude places a paw on the material, the trap is activated and Claude is suitably startled and runs off but won’t be hurt. When Claude runs off, scoop him up in mock concern and comfort the poor startled puss-cat, rubbing his furry little face and showing him that you are the ‘good guy’ in this nasty, scary scenario.  It’s likely Caude will associate the colorful kitchen cloth with its evil consequences and stay clear of that colorful cloth even without the mousetrap underneath.

Also cover the clawed furniture temporarily with aluminum foil, trim your cat’s claws weekly and place a scratching post next to the abused furniture.

Scent the scratching post with Claude’s own body scent by rubbing his cheeks and feet with a damp, warmed face towel and rub this towel over his scratching post.

Masking the Surprise

In your armoury you will also have Devious Device #2 – a roll of wide masking tape. If Fang steals food from the dining table, or kitchen bench, the masking tape could well solve the problem.

Make loops of tape about two centimetres long with the sticky surface on the outside and place these in strategic locations over the table and bench tops. Leave some tasty looking morsels in the centre of the sticky surprise so that Fang realises that food on benches is out of bounds.

Sonic Surprises

Ultrasonic devices are sometimes useful for cats. There are a variety of devices available from electronic stores designed to repel cats and dogs. They are harmless when used properly and cats appear not to be able to determine that the sound is coming from you. If Snoozy jumps onto your lounge-room table for a sleep or if Schnapps has that evil, black-eyed look indicating he is going to latch onto your calf as you walk past, a momentary blast with the ultrasonic unit may repel the evil cat. In my experience, about 60 percent of cats (and only about 20 percent of dogs) are repelled by such a device so check if you can get your money back if it doesn’t work.

But don’t overuse these devices. Sometimes they are too powerful.

Also from electronic stores you will find a variety of movement activated alarms or visitor chimes. Some are quite cheap. If you are trying to establish when a cat is visiting a banned area of the house, such as an area in which it may be spraying or soiling, a visitor chime at the doorway to that room will alert you to Kitty’s wee intentions.

Water Works

Of course, no anti-cat arsenal is complete without a water spray bottle, available for a dollar or two from the supermarket. These water sprays are extremely accurate and travel some distance. If Claude mauls Maude and you are abhorred, a quick spray when the pair is just starting to spar may be all you need to interrupt the brawl. Follow this by picking up the most aggressive manic moggie and ‘timing it out’ in the bathroom for a few minutes.

But it is MUCH BETTER if the cat does not realise the spray of water is coming from you.

There is a sense of deep achievement in knowing that you have outsmarted your puss-cat. It happens rarely as cats are the masters in one-upmanship but armed with the Manic Moggie Manipulators you are more likely to succeed.