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Feliway Diffuser Complete. Plug it in, walk away. 10 seconds of work for 1 month therapy. Now purring and kneading contentedly.


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Feliway Diffuser

Feliway calms anxious cats

Proven results in 9 out of 10 cats


Typical Uses

  • Inter-cat aggression
  • Spraying – 90% reduction in urine marking after 1 month with a significant decrease in spraying in 1 week
  • New cats in a household
  • Moving house
  • Nocturnal Vocalisation
  • Anxious and fearful behaviours such as hiding


  • The unit is for indoor use only
  • Plug the diffuser in a power point in the room most used by the cat(s) during the day and don’t turn it off at night
  • Don’t put the diffuser behind a door or cover it in any way and don’t put the unit under furniture
  • The vapour is oil-based and can rise and possibly stain furniture the more contact the cat has with the diffuser, the better the effect will be
  • Consider housing your cat inside if it has an anxiety disorder
  • One diffuser lasts for approximately four weeks and covers an area of 50 – 70 square meters
  • The vapour produced by the unit is heavy and will sink down to pet level so the height of a room is not a problem but the vapour will be dispersed by strong breezes
  • The pheromone has no effect on humans and NO it won’t affect your love life!! It is species specific.

Are pheromones suitable for your pet?

Feliway is a good product because:-

  • it is easy to use
  • is free of side-effects
  • is not a prescription-based product

But it certainly is not a cure for all behavioural problems and often works best combined with other strategies.

If you are uncertain about purchasing Feliway for your cat, please ring us to discuss the use and options of Feliway.


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