Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness Medium

Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness Medium

Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness (medium) – A simple solution for dogs who pull on the lead.

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Features of the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness:

  • Easy to fit, easy to use – dogs and owners love it!
  • Stops leash pulling quickly and comfortably
  • Front leash design with unique Martingale loop redirects forward motion
  • Dogs and Owners LOVE It!
  • The Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness is designed to gently discourage your dog from pulling. It’s so simple – easy to fit, and easy to use. There is very little acclimatisation time or special technique required.
  • The Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness redirects pressure through a front leash attachment, the martingale closure tightens slightly across the chest and shoulder blades when your dog attempts to pull forward.
  • The package includes an instructional booklet, to help you fit and use the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness.

Quality Features

Two quick-snap buckles – one on the shoulder, one on the belly make it easier to get the harness on and off

Soft nylon and 4 adjustment points provide custom fit and maximum comfort
The unique martingale chest loop reduces gapping and redirects forward motion
The belly strap is an attractive complementary colour – making it easy to tell up from down.
Size Guide:

Petite Girth adjusts from 30cm – 40cm Toy breeds
Small Girth adjusts from 38cm – 51cm Jack Russells, Shelties
Medium Girth adjusts from 51cm – 71cm Border Collies, Spaniels
Large Girth adjusts from 66cm – 91cm Labs, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Rotties
X Large Girth adjusts from 86cm – 117cm Giant breeds and oversized dogs


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