Noise Fear Pack 1 for small, inside dogs

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Noise Fear Pack 1 for small, inside dogs

The world’s best non-medication solutions for noise fears. Includes Adaptil Diffuser Complete and Homeopet Storm Stress for small dogs under 10kg. BONUS! Dr Cam’s Frightful Noises Audio CD (RRP $49.50) included with each pack

$148.42 inc GST

Extra Into

Combining Adaptil pheromones with Homeopet Storm Stress provides science-based solutions for dogs suffering fear of thunder and fireworks.

Adaptil has been scientifically proven to help dogs suffering from noise fears.

Plus, we have also found that Homeopet Storm Stress can be useful for many dogs.

Combining Adaptil with Homeopet Storm Stress gives a double-up benefit that can provide the most powerful non-medication approach to noise fear solutions.

With fireworks now becoming more regular as we get closer to the Silly Season, and thunderstorms becoming more frequent, there is no better time to start helping your furry friend with their noise fear.

With this pack, you could:

  • Reduce or even completely prevent anxiety in your dog from fear of fireworks
  • Reduce or even completely prevent the likelihood of your dog escaping from your home
  • Educate yourself on how to deal with an anxious, noise-fearful dog
  • Use the storm and fireworks sound effects to help desensitise your dog to the noises that scare him or her

So what’s included in this pack?

  • Adaptil Complete Diffuser, at 20% off RRP
  • Homeopet Storm Stress for dogs under 10kg
  • FREE! Dr Cam’s Frightful Noises Audio CD, valued at $49.50
  • FREE! Express Post, valued at $12.66
Total value of this pack is $236.44 but you pay just $148.42


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