Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl – Large

Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl – Large

The Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl – slows eating to aid digestion.

$33.46 inc GST

Slow Feed Bowl

“Many dogs eat too rapidly, which can cause bloat, discomfort and other digestive issues. Our idea is the Skid Stop Slow Feed Dog Bowl. Its unique design with large interior indentations work to slow eating, while a thermoplastic rubber base keeps the bowl from moving around.”

Sizes: Medium, Large, Jumbo


A word from Dr Cam:

Slow feed bowls can significantly help dogs experiencing Resource Guarding Aggression (aggression over food). Most resource guarders ‘vacuum’ food. This bowl reduces that problem.”

Some links to help with Resource Guarding Aggression:

Resource Guarding Aggression

If you would like personalised assistance from Dr Cam, fill in the Behaviour Assessment Form.


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