Rules for Dogs in Dog Park

Rules and Guidelines for Dogs in Dog Parks

The Decorum of the Dog Park

Walking dogs is fun and is just as good for your dog as it is for you.

Whether it is just a stroll along the footpath, a trip to the local dog beach, or even to a friend’s house, your dog will enjoy the outing as much as you. And where is the most common place you may be taking your dog for a bit of fun and exercise? The local dog park, of course.

There, Patch can explore the confines of the dog park to his or her heart’s content. He or she can meet other dogs, say hello to new people, and have a good time just running around as carefree as ever.

Dog parks are (mostly) wonderful for dogs. They promote inter-dog socialisation, stimulate exercise, and also give us owners a chance for break where we can sit and enjoy watching our dogs having fun while we natter happily with other like-minded dog owners.

But, just as not all people love the rollercoaster, not all dogs love the dog park either.

At dog parks, there are guidelines that you should follow to ensure the safety of all and to minimise any risk.

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1. Ensure your dog has a suitable personality for a dog park

2. Be watchful and vigilant regarding the behaviour of other dogs

3. Be cautious when new dogs enter

4. Use leads when needed

5. Furry White Fluffy Fury

6. Pick your times carefully to avoid ‘dog stew’