The Pay Up Pooch Technique

How to surreptitiously control attention-seeking behaviour in dogs.

Does your dog treat you as if you were a pawn on its chess board?

When he or she wants attention or affection, does he or he push you around with the skill and delicacy of a master and perhaps you don’t even realise it’s happening?

For many owners and dogs, this is of no consequence, but if your dog has a boisterous or aggressive personality this needs to be controlled.

The trick is to turn the tables on your dog, to give it what it wants, but in return for behaviour that you want.  That way you both win.

Turning the tables needs to be done gently and is often called the ‘invisible dog’ routine because you ignore the ‘visible dog that offends you’ and manufacture the ‘invisible dog you can’t see – yet’.

However, this must be done surreptitiously so your manipulative mutt does not realise it is micro-managed!

I call the technique that is used for this the ‘Pay up Pooch!’ technique and it’s a reward-based routine that works well. That’s because you can use it mathematically to create the perfect dog, easily, hundreds of times per week.

Does that whet your appetite?

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