The Ice Timer and the Sneaky Leaky Milk Carton Techniques

How to deliver toys, treats and other goodies to your pets when you are not home.

When it comes to blasting away boredom, dogs and cats love change.

But how do you do that when you are not home?

This Webinar shows you how to deliver anything you want to your dog when you are not home using a no-cost timer.

(I lay awake at night folks looking for goofy free ways to entertain dogs! This is a good one! )

This is a great way of eliminating boredom and destructive behaviours.

Timer-delivery of goodies also helps with curing separation anxieties.

Use this to deliver:-

  • Bones and rawhides (if they are safe for your dog)
  • Kong toys and the fantastic Kong Wobbler
  • A ‘Carton of Magic’ (you will see what we mean when you view the presentation)
  • And any toy your dog adores

Also works for cats!

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