Webinar – My dog is barking when I am away

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(This is Chapter 3 of 3 in the Parking Barking Series)

The form of barking that occurs when you are away from your dog (for instance while you are a work or away in the evening) is very common – and frustrating because this is the one that generates complaints from your neighbours and visits from Council officers.

We can help you to solve that without you needing to use electric collars – which is just one of the many bonuses of this welfare-focused e-Learning Webinar.


  • Listen to Dr Cam’s advice and simultaneously see images and videos in this multi-media e-Learning Webinar which means you will rapidly gather the information you need for a speedy solution.
  • Through the download, link to additional information on Pethealth.com.au for a broad-ranging, targeted solution to your dog’s barking.
  • Determine here if a separation anxiety is the cause of your dog’s barking behaviour.
  • The information presented is based on the same techniques Dr Cam uses in his face-to-face consultations – it’s almost like having Dr Cam in your loungeroom.
  • The most detailed information on barking solutions you can find – you can be sure the information is science-based and welfare-focused and eliminates the hog-wash so often associated with online behaviour solutions.
  • And we will show you how to avoid using barking collars!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If this does not help you to solve your dog’s barking behaviour we will refund your purchase price – guaranteed.


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