Managing Aggressive Dogs

Reducing aggression of dogs towards people or other animals can be complicated.

However, any aggressive dog can be managed in such a way that attacks are eliminated.

If you have an aggressive dog, there are ten tasks you need to undertake to ensure you are managing your dog in the safest way possible

1. Secure Fencing

Aggressive dogs need perfect fences. The fence should be high enough to absolutely stop your dog jumping it. If necessary, place  a ‘lean-too’ section on top to stop your dog jumping or climbing the fence. A ‘lean-too’ is a portion on top of your fence angled inwards at about forty-five degrees.

The footing of the fence should be secure so that your dog cannot escape under the fence. Watch for undulations in the ground which produce hollows where your dog may be able to dig out.


The best dog fence by far is a solid wooden or brick fence. Ensure any horizontal supporting beams of a wooden fence are on the opposite sides of the fence to where the dog is housed. Many dogs are able to use the horizontal beams as a ladder to help them get over the fence.

A midway fence, separating your dog’s secure back yard territory from your front garden and entranceway will allow visitors free access your front door.


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