Recheck Consultation (30min)

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Recheck Consultation (30min)

Recheck consultation – existing clients only

Prepay for a 30 minute recheck consultation, in clinic or by Tele-Assist with Dr Cam and get that for a 10% reduction.

Normally $158.40. Prepay online for $142.56.

Original price was: $158.40.Current price is: $142.56. inc GST

Recheck consultations are a vital part of your pet’s ongoing behaviour management

At your recheck consultation, your pet’s behaviour will be reviewed and strategies used will polished as necessary.

Rechecks are vital if your pet is on medication for his or her behavioural management.


  • A typical recheck consultation is 30 minutes in length but can be longer
  • Recheck consultations are time-charged at our standard rate of $5.28 per minute
  • The same rate applies to both in-clinic and Tele Assist rechecks
  • Prepay for your 30 minute recheck here, online, and it will be reduced by 10%
  • Rechecks are usually held in our consulting rooms to save you travelling expenses but Tele Assist rechecks are also implemented if suitable
  • You can have that recheck in your home if you prefer but travelling is added to the fee

Terms and Conditions

  • This product is only available for clients who have previously been through a full-therapy clinic or house call consultation
  • Prepay for your 30 minute recheck here, online, and it will be reduced by 10%
  • Your prepayment allows for a 30 minute recheck
  • You can have additional time if you want it. Any additional time will be charged at our standard rate of $5.28/minute
  • Medications and accessories purchased at the time will be available for normal fees

When we see your prepayment we will contact you to book a convenient time.

  • Recheck consultation are generally conducted  from Friday through to Monday, thus including most Saturdays and Sundays


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